What happened to Swizzington?

I’d love a copy of Master of the House too. Glad to hear he’s doing well!

My favourite was Quarterback into a Quarter Pounder but I loved all his stuff so any copies would be awesome. Master of the House was very hot and I always wanted to be the husband that falls first and becomes basically the butler.

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Hey Guys! I am so glad to have found this post about the missing Swizzington and his hypno stories. I would love to read his great stories again. I would like to keep them in my private storage and not publish them if I have been allowed to read them again. Can someone send me a copy of Master of the house, please?Thank you all!

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Hey Trance, I just sent you a few links. Some very kind people here helped me out when I asked about that particular story. :wink:

If anyone has any backups of either Slave Academy Story, I would be really grateful if you can share it with me


If anyone has a copy of master of the house could you send ove, it’s one of my favourite stories and I’m sad to hear it’s not around anymore :frowning: but I am happy to hear that Swizz is doing alright.

I sent you a DM with the stories