What has your kink "ruined" for you?

This is a tongue-in-cheek thread about all the normal everyday things our kinks have “ruined.”

For me:
The word “boy.” I cringe when I hear someone call an adorable dog a “good boy,” and I don’t even have a pup fetish. :frowning:

Also, going to the gym. Where’s my scantily-clad personal trainer? Why is the music 80s and not hypnotic thumping? Oh well.


Well, it used to be that whenever I heard someone say “sir”, especially repeatedly, like in a customer service context or whatever, because of the submissive connotations I place on that word, it would really prick my ear and set off all sorts of things in my brain which were just kinda dumb. I remember one teacher in high school who would insist we address him as sir. Everything was “yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir” with this guy, and this was not really common where I lived at the time, and I just hated saying it. To my horny, adolescent self it felt really weird and confusing, lol.

However, since moving to the southern United States I have become surrounded by people who constantly say it as a normal, everyday courtesy, so it has sort of lost its potency.


Similar case for me. I went to a private school growing up that was all about that “respect” nonsense. Came to hate that word and ma’am.

And then I hit puberty and it became a fetish. Same with the preppy clothing they made us wear as part of the dress code. Go figure. I still refuse to say/dress either in reality out of spite, but oof does it get my heart rate up otherwise.

Sounds like we had a similar experience. I believe I developed my interests in uniforms/dress codes/preppiness as a result of being forced to wear a strict uniform in secondary school.

Interesting how the brain is able to take experiences like that and turn it into a sexual thing.


Uniforms and professional dress are really ruined me. I wore uniforms in all of my early education until high school. Anything uniform gets me; school uniforms, sports uniforms–everything uniforms. I hate them now, but they sure do get me going. There were a few experiences that I still remember and jerk off fondly too.

My P.E. teacher was a built Texan dude and had a crazy ass that jutted out of his slacks during class before we changed out for gym and he had a penchant to bend over RIGHT. IN. YOUR. FACE. He also was a true southern gentlemen and always said my last name with a Mr. in front of it–makes my cock thinking about it. God, I’m such a pervert :sweat_smile:


The “Submit”-button, anywhere.


I find it interesting that so many of us are turned on by things we hate in a real world context!

Also Viridian that reminds me of a complaint I saw on Tumblr towards someone who had posted a pic with the “Submission” tag, not realizing that it meant the picture was submitted by someone else.


Literally any word that begins with Hyp- any of them. My instinctive reaction is that it’s hypnosis or some sister word and I’m both confused and disappointed when it’s not.

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