What is this?

I just noticed something while going back through some old stuff. Maybe there was some update/changes that I completely missed. Never seen this before. When I click on the green part it takes me to a certain point in the story with a blue tag beside it. What does the percentage mean? It’s probably obvious and I’m being dumb but I can’t figure it out.


It’s a bookmark which shows how much of the story you’ve read, so you can resume from where you left the story. I’ve not quite worked out how you deliberately set the bookmark though…

Thanks. I figured it was something like that. But yeah I don’t know how to remove or manipulate it in any way. And it doesn’t always show up. Seems to work a little unpredictably.

Off course, we could just check the update log - Bookmarks

^^ This :slight_smile:

To set a bookmark, you can just click (or touch) a paragraph.

That happens quite easily by accident, so people keep piling up unintended bookmarks. I still don’t have an idea how to resolve that without making the feature to difficult to find in the first place (who reads documentations these days?!)

Suggestions are welcome!