What is your Favourite Method of Mind Control?

  • Hypnosis
  • Machinery
  • Magic
  • Drugs
  • Combination of the Above
  • Other
  • Don’t care about the Method, just the Outcome

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Idk what method this would be a part of, probably hypnosis, but I always had this idea of mind control using a bell, sort of like Pavlov.

Like a guy, Josh, hypnotizes his straight friend/coworker/roommate Aidan. And whenever Josh rings a little handbell he keeps next to his bed, Aidan will immediately run over, give Josh a blowjob, swallow his cum, then go back to his own bed and forget what happened.

It could be an enchanted bell from the 1800s used by a lord to have sex with his servants.

Or it could be that Josh actually trains Aidan using hypnosis. Every time he rings the bell, he offers Aidan a lollipop or a popsicle or some other food you have to suck. Eventually he turns that desire to suck into something more phallic and sexual until he rings the bell and the only thing in the room for Aidan to suck is Josh’s cock.

Or it could be a science thing where Josh discovers a frequency that makes people more pliant and suggestible, and makes a bell that rings at that frequency to control his friend


That bell idea has been used in the anime Hokuto no Ken (Fist of the North Star). One of the bad guys has the people of the town he rules over under his control and uses the bell of the cathedral to activate the mind control. So it’s a motif that works.

While I do like trances I also like sort of subliminal triggers whether this is oblivious changes or out-and-out blackouts from the perspective of the victim. But the one that I don’t feel like it enough of that I’m really interested in is sort of the Mind controller makes their Master.
This is the case where they may have the power but they’re sort of unleashing something. For instance my favorite take on an incubus isn’t someone who feeds off of another that’s what is succubus does. But instead someone who inspires another and the inspiration for the Transformer’s that makes them more much the fantasy in mind and attitude. the incubus had started the inpit but also the canvas, as it were added something to it. Eventually the incubus drawn into the victims now present fantasy/dominance whatever and the control isn’t in the person who’s intiated something it’s in the person who was enchanted. The Witch cast the spell in order to unleash the wolf in the man but the wolf now keeps the witch in her cabin something like that? Or of course probably a bit more classical Pygmalion becoming utterly enchanted with galatea