What is your Favourite Outcome of Mind Control?

  • Body Control - The subject’s’s mind is intact, but their body is under someone else’s control.
  • Drone - The subject obeys commands without question or thinking, usually with something like a “Yes Sir”.
  • Master/Slave - Subject can still think for themselves, but are now happliy enslaved and submissive.
  • Altered Reality - Similar to the above, but their past memories have been altered to make this change and the subject might just believe they are controllers boyfriend, best friend, etc. The subject is usually unaware a change has been made.
  • Don’t care about the outcome, just the act of mind control itself.
  • Other

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Sorry if your favourite isn’t listed here.

I think all of those options can be very appealing.

Although the whole notion of controlling the mind/body of another person is obviously fucked up on a fundamental level - morality wise - I do prefer it when the person ends up oblivious to the changes, or is convinced that they are happy with their new life and situation. When someone is aware the whole time but unable to act…it can be hot, but that reality is a little bit horrifying, you know?

I don’t mind that being a feature of a story, but I don’t think I want the person to end up that way permanently in the end.


Basically the whole theme on this site is ‚fucked up‘.

But it‘s a fantasy, no more. And, personally, what makes me hard is putting myself in the role of the one controlled. Which makes it easier for me, morality wise… :slight_smile:


That’s interesting. I think I do the opposite. I like to be the one doing the controlling. Maybe that makes me more fucked up :yum:


@Swizzington @Martin
The theme is a bit messed up, but I hope neither of you think of yourselves as messed up as a result.
I often think to myself why I enjoy these stories are the main character is not a good person and the endings can only be happy from his perspective. I think I fantasize about having absolute control to compensate for the lack of control over my life that is often the reality. Also playing the villain can be a lot of fun. If other people enjoy the same thing then why not write it down and show it to them.

That being said, there are some scenarios I am unlikely to touch such as the main character taking a married man away from his wife and children.

I still think we’re better off then some people amongst the paranormal romance/young adult crowd who think clearly abusive relationships are just passionate true love.

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Don’t worry, I don’t see myself as being messed up, at least not more so than every healthy (hu)man… :yum:

My fantasies were already quite weird from the time I started wanking, which confused the hell out of me as a teen.

I’m really fascinated about the spectrum of the human mind. Things disgusting for me and most other people make others hard and horny. As long as it’s all just fantasy, I don’t judge any kind of fetish, because noone ever conciously chose what excites him and what doesn’t.

What is a concious decision, though, is to act on your desires and impulses. And that’s where the clear line is for me.

I just wonder why people are so different. Why does the thought of being turned into a mindless sex object turn me on so much, even though I’d never ever allow that to happen to me in real life? I’m not the submissive type, I’m usually the top, I’m not overly trusting in others, and I don’t want to lose control. But my fantasies are quite different…

I recently read about a case of cannibalism. There is this fetish of people fantasizing about being killed and eaten. And one guy in Germany even acted on that - he hanged (himself?) and another guy dissected and cooked his body… gruesome. They now try to figure out if this was murder or suicide. But anyway, why are people having this extreme kind of fantasy? What’s happening in the brain? Honestly, it’s not THAT different than the thought of being turned into a mindless sex object, even though much more disgusting of course.

I like he idea of mind controlling another but make it so within that point there lives are somewhat better because some of the changed elements are sort of unconscious.

Like they get to keep their jobs, friends, girlfriends/wives, but they also play with the other hypnotized boys and serve their master with pleasure.

As a thought I’m pretty sure I started liking it when I saw hypnosis in shows on tv. Lile when a hero is mind controlled by a villain.

I don’t really enjoy humiliation or pain and so a mind controller doing either is not for me.

Butg I like conspiracies. Where a therapist or professor or businessmen mind controls his patients, students, school, town or business.

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I think you all do yourselves a disfavor by describing the interest as “fucked up.” (Though I agree cannibalism is beyond what normal people can bear.) Don’t real Master/slave relationships exist? Of course they do - they’re all different, more or less strict. Isn’t that just an agreed-upon method to relate to each other? I’m sure drones are similar - they’re not full-time drones of course, but I’m sure there are relationships where one partner is allowed to drone on for a few hours occasionally.

Some see this as totally separate from one’s “real life” interactions, but I don’t. Whatever one’s fantasies, I think they say something about what one wants - maybe not totally achievable to the level of one’s fantasy, but perhaps expressing a desire that someone would want to achieve.

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You’ve misunderstood. Master/Slave relationships are not the messed up part, not to me.

The messed part is using mind control to take away someone else’s agency so you can force youe will upon them. Also since you’ve taken away their ability or will to consent then that makes anything sexual you do with them “sexual assault” and if you have sex then it’s rape since, thanks to mind control, they couldn’t say no.

The idea that it’s hot to do that is the messed up bit.


Maybe. And I’m sure many would jump at the chance to be in that situation. :slight_smile:

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It’s a matter of consent. Real life master/slave relationships are usually consensual. In the vast majority of these stories, the person getting mind controlled does not opt into it.

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It’s funny because in the 90% of the time it’s been since I first started having this fetish I had never considered the erotic use of MC or Hypnosis as a way of assault or rape. It wasn’t until I watched Jessica Jones that things changed. And not because the show enlightened me with a new angle. It was only when I saw all the comments about how they had approached themes like abuse and rape in the show that I could start seeing it with a new light. I was completely blown away since I’ve had this fetish for even before I had started masturbating and it had never ever seemed to me that it could be compared remotely to abuse. I guess it’s always been in the fantasy department to me, and people in my mind was always happy to comply because they were made to. Never had regrets, and I still don’t have them, I suppose because I know it’s something I’d never do irl.

And back to subject lol I don’t mind some awareness as long as it’s mild and it doesn’t leave a horrible scar for life. I preffer when people ends up accepting willingly, or made to accept, or is basically unaware of the situation. I’ve never felt attracted to empty vessels, sex toys, or submissive slaves… Not because of moral reasons but because it tends to feel boring.


I have the same opinions of most of y’all.

I’ve had an “interest” in hypnosis ever since I saw that Scooby Doo movie with the monster kids and the brainwashing machine. It piqued my interest, though I was too young at the time for it to have a sexual angle in my mind. At the same time, I was very adamant about what was “cool” and “not cool,” and when people willingly chose to adopt “not cool” things I would fixate on it. Things like preppiness, conformity, etc. Private school rebel right here folks.

When I became a teenager these feelings became a fetish. I would be insanely turned on by things I was opposed to, and it’s reflected a lot in the characters in my stories. At the same time, outside the bedroom, I would be horrified at these kinds of plotlines. It took me a long time to get over the dissonance and realize that fantasy is just fantasy.

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My attraction started right around the onset of puberty (though I’m not sure I knew that at the time), and like Happy_Endings, it had clearly become a fetish by the time I was a teenager. Having mental or hypnotic control of someone is, quite literally, my only masturbation fantasy worth mentioning. On rare occasions, I’m the one being controlled instead of doing the controlling, but it’s still basically the same underlying fantasy. I’ve fantasized about something else probably a handful of times in my entire adult life.

Like some others here, I seem to have a very narrow range, and it’s very rare that I read anyone else’s stories anymore unless it sounds really close to what I write myself. Ironically, I find more of those in straight writing than in gay writing, despite not having any interest in women at all. What interests me with hypnosis/MC is perverting the subject’s will, so they think they want to do what it is they’re being made to, and are sublimely happy with everything going on, hence, the Master/slave preference for me.

Altered reality and drone stories do nothing for me. They both ultimately supplant the person’s will or personality in some way. The idea of only having control of someone’s body and not their mind actually kind of horrifies me…it’s too much like actual rape. (Yes, hypnosis/MC is basically mind rape, but nobody said fetishes had to make any kind of sense.) As you can imagine, the first chapter of Prom Night, while very necessary to the story, was really hard for me to write, given this limitation.

Ironically, or perhaps fortunately, I have no notable interest in hypnotic dominance in real life. If anything, I’m more likely to try being a subject in real life, oddly enough, though I’m not sure if that would last beyond trying it once to say that I’d had the experience. (Update: it did, but I’m still not planning to stick with it beyond trying out a fixed set of things.)



So I’m going to say yes to your post, for its pretty close to spot on.

I too read straight mc because the nature of the domination more often fits my needs then a lot of gay stories. In fact there was this one straight story about a priest hypno domming a school that was quite hot, if I ignored the fact it was women he was having sex with.

But yeah reading your post I was nodding for almost every paragraph. Hehe

Though I would add am intense buttplay and rimming fetish as part of my interest to the point that the two have become quite intertwined. Lol

As a related note I fimd it more fascinating to focus on the one doing the hypnotizing as compared to only being in the head of the submissive, which seems more common. Which I find sad, though to each his own.

Actually stories that show both mindsets are particular hot. Seeing the doing and seeing the having it done, very nice.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I find it difficult to write stories from the hypnotist’s POV and still have them be interesting. It kind of loses the “magic” when you know everything the hypnotist has said and done to get a subject to where they are. Plus, it can be harder to convey that the subject actually likes what’s happening and isn’t just faking it. None of this is impossible, of course, but for me, I think I’m at my best when I’m writing from the subject’s POV (which is kind of amusing, considering I’m mostly a Dom).

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I think for temporary stories, its pretty hot when the person’s mind is intact but their body is under the protagonist’s control, especially if they’re an asshole or a homophobe to teach them a lesson, but I agree that it would be a bit horrifying if that were forever. Perhaps send them on their way with a few lasting commands like From now on, you have to suck a cock to completion and swallow the cum every time you say a homophobic slur or something.

If I was looking for a “rest of your life” story, I’d want it somewhere in the middle, where the guy has to follow your commands but he’s been mind controlled to just be kind of annoyed about it. Like, commanding him to give you a blowjob would be about as annoying as you making him do the laundry. And he would still be able to have a life outside of being your property, but he’d still have to obey everything you say.

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I don’t wanna get too ‘dark’ but honestly, I was just thinking about the reality of this. If someone were really controlled against their will, while being totally aware of it, that would actually be pretty fucking traumatic. Especially if they were forced to do a bunch of sexual stuff. People in real life are often traumatized by sexual abuse that is far less serious than that.

I would imagine if someone was fully aware and had the ‘lasting commands’ that you suggest, they would probably actually go insane, or worse. Losing control of your actions in that way would be a terrifying experience.

That’s why I usually end my stories with the victim waking up totally unaware, or having the bad guy winning and keeping people MC’d forever. It might actually be a kindness at that point, lol.

I explored that, to some degree, when I wrote Prom Night. It was pretty dark and hard to write, and most of it happened within the space of a couple of hours, leaving the father pretty much broken by the end of it, and the son not far behind. I can only imagine what that would turn into over the course of days or more.

The only reason I was able to leave Chapter 1 the way I did was both because the story pretty much demanded it and I knew that they would get “fixed” soon enough. Still, I tried to make a point of not releasing the chapters too far apart, just so readers wouldn’t think I’d gone over to The Dark Side! :scream:

There’s a reason most of my stories feature guys who are controlled to think what they’re doing is a whole lot of fun…the reality of anything less than indifference becomes traumatic very quickly, and indifference can be hard to write and not make your reader indifferent. :wink: Besides, I’d just rather see straight guys suddenly enjoying gay sex, or Tops becoming hard-core bottoms, and so on.

Simce I really like it when a character hypnotized still keeps his life outside serving his master I need theur minds mostly intact. So I think it’s the best when they come to first not be bothered by it and then slowly enjoy the gay sex going on. Maybe even in the end life is better for them then it was ay the start. So good in fact they are happy to help their master trance their friends.

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