What Shall I Write Next?

I’ve not written much lately due to various reasons too boring and complicated to go into here, but now, thanks to the lock-down, I have more time. I presently have two unfinished story series in Gay Spiral. ‘Earth to Earth’ is a historical/vampire story which is meant to be light-hearted and amusing. ‘Nubians’ is a historical/alien story that explores issues of power and race. I hate leaving things unfinished, but I also have another idea floating around in my head, and I need a little motivation about what to do next. So, please, I would be grateful if those who like my stuff could give me some feedback. The choices are:

  1. Finish ‘Earth to Earth’
  2. Finish ‘Nubians’
  3. Write something new.
    Thanks and I hope everyone is keeping safe. X
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I liked Earth to Earth, if you’re up to finishing that, I’ll read through that.

I like both of them, maybe Earth to Earth a little bit more. But frankly, I love your historical fiction: you have so much detail that make the stories so rich. (I love medieval times. :slight_smile: )

Thank you to all those who posted here and emailed me. 'More ‘Earth to Earth’ coming up!