What should I write next?

I’m finally coming back to writing! I have a few ideas percolating and I’m not sure which I should sit down and write first, so I decided to test the forum to see what you’d like to see first.

  1. Finish A Change of Hands. I’ll be honest, I kind of lost the plot thread I had going for ACoH, which is my own fault. I remember the outline of the next chapter is a neighbor and neighbor’s son come over to watch the game. The son was a schoolyard bully and through some unintentional wishes, a lot of role reversal and light body swapping.

  2. A geeky gay frat perform a magic ritual so that any rumor spoken within their frat house becomes true. Used at first to throw the biggest party of the year, it soon spirals out of control as the guests start drinking and tongues start loosening.

  3. Three roommates try to pass the time over winter break. One has found a new video game with a too-real character creator. When he finds that the pre-loaded characters are himself and his roommates, his curiosity gets the best of him. And he soon learns to make sure his computer has a password.

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Number 2 sounds awesome!

I’d be happy reading any of the three ideas. I suggest writing whichever one motivates you the most to write :slight_smile:

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I’m so eager for more ACOH. Will pay you for new chapters, I enjoy that story so much: fueledboi@gmail.com. The other ideas also sound very hot, and you should write whatever most excites you, but Personally I love ACOH.

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