What stories do we need more of?

We got a lot of stories at NCMC, and sometimes it can be hard to gauge what’s lacking and what’s bloated. Sometimes when I think I have a story forming in my head, a little thought pops in with, “Oh but what if people are bored with that topic by now?”

At risk of creating a NCMC stock exchange, what topics do you all think need to be explored more/less?

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To be honest, you should write what you love.

But, since you are asking… In my opinion, I want more black males being the victim. More role reversal, the bottom being big and the sub being small, something like that, the nerd on top of the jock without the “I steal you muscle” or “i became big for whatever reason”.


Something I only figured out recently is you shouldn’t write to please people. Just write what you want to write, it’ll come out much better. Sure, you might not please everyone, but the people that enjoy it, will REALLY enjoy it.


On the other hand, though, if you’re actually like, swimming with ideas and need help narrowing it down, it can help to gauge interest. Honestly, maybe this is redundant looking at your name, but I really love happy ending stories. I love domestic stories. One thing I guess I feel like I’ve seen plenty of is jock stuff? but then again, as above, if you’re into jock stuff then go ahead and write it bc there’s a lot of people who’d love to see more of it.


I would like more stories from either a dominanrs pov or a neutral no pov basis as it seems that many of the stories present are from the submissive pov.

Which is hot, don’t get me wrong, bit it wpuld bve cool to see more of the dominant making a submissive than a submissive being taken by a dominant.


Totally agree here. I love role reversals and I love inverting traditional positions. An aggressive big bottom and a submissive, small top is amazingly hot. I also like to see more ‘bear’ stories that aren’t just… all cigars and ‘grunge’ and “boy this” and “papa bear that”. Like, its hot but its played out imo. I like the body type but they come off as clones after a while. I miss Genie stories (which is hypocritical of me, as I have a long standing Genie story that I’ve yet to finish.) I like the idea of magic coming back to bite the user. Using it as a short cut but does it such a way that its almost as detrimental as it is helpful.

Also Cops. And other ‘uniform’ tropes. Honestly its just a fetish I like.


I do not know what Edlam did in his Retirement series or what RobinHood70 did in his Web of Trust series, but it hit the spot for me, and I would like more.

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Same feeling i got from the ad stories that where removed a while back, not really into rape stories but those stories where a guilty pleasure =P

I also love stories with happy endings. Where the characters realize they love their fate and embrace it. I love the old ONIX stories for that reason where the character changes in whatever way then makes a conscious choice to stay gay.

I personally love the perspective of the bottom lol but I totally understand the point that is the majority of stories here.

My favourite tags usually are straight to gay with a curse or magic. I also like it when the turn ‘stereotypically’ flamboyant. Good work on all the authors here. I am working on my one material I hope to post one day to! :smile:


There’s a lack of romance. Not that I feel an urge for that genre, but there’s certainly a lack of it. I usually find it cheesy and with MC and all what’s related to it I understand why there the main relationships portrayed are those of domination. But I guess it’d have a different flavor to actually read about people falling in love and following the typical steps towards becoming a couple thanks to the power of MC. No subs, no doms, no masters, no slaves, no boy-toys… Just men bonding because of someone felt like it / by accident / for whatever reasons.

Also, there’s a lack of gay characters being controlled. I find it hotter when straight men are the ones under, but since we’re talking about variety, gay men are 95% of the time there to dominate the straight, and almost never to be dominated.

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OMG Yes, pls, I would love that! We need more bears and more bears as victims.


Personally, I write about whatever I feel writing about, which is usually what interests me at the time. I do make an effort to avoid stories being too similar, although when you’re preferred stories are straight to gay, there are not that many ways to add twists to the storylines.
That’s why I usually only do two or three in a series, as once I hit that, I’ve usually exhausted my idea bank for that particular theme.

@flamefox23 the Ad stories are all back. Although when I wrote them, I never really seen them as rape stories, just a kind of forced change story using a different method of change delivery, with quite a bit of emphasis on the mental fight/change :-/

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I’m liking all these responses! It’s nice to be able to take a step back and think, “Y’know, it’d be nice to see a story about x.”

Personally, as my name implies, I wish there were more stories with “good” endings. I like a takeover or total control story as much as the next guy here, but every now and then I like to have a story end on a good note. No one is left so stupid they’re helpless, no one is forced into a sexuality, no one’s life is ruined.

It’s been a bit of a challenge, for me, to write a story that ends on a good note, as to me it would feel too cheap to have a final paragraph that just says, in essence, “And it was all a dream none of it happened the end.”


Authors who contribute to the website write to satisfy their creative needs.
Havings said that, the stories that intrigue are the ones with twists and turns in the story lines, like a sexual ‘who-done-it’. The recent Swizzington stories were incredible, the one about the belt. I’m getting hard just thinking about them. It was the marriage of sex and intrigue that got my juices boiling.
Those are the stories we need. The characters’ demographics matter if they advance the story.
Creativity, with an irreverent nod to ‘naughty behavior’ – keep writing boys. I’ll keep reading.


love your stories =P

Genre stories would be interesting. Do a sci-fi, fantasy, horror, historical, etc. setting and have dudes getting dominated and fucked.


Though I like certain types of stories, ultimately what gets me is the writing style. I’ve read stories with interesting premises, but if it’s done with a poor command of language, it isn’t going to be a rewarding read. Conversely, even a mild story, if told with a literate voice, can be a cathartic read.

I agree with others who encourage writers to write what they want and what turns them on.


I agree with all that. And i think if you want to write, give it a go - and maybe there could be a group set up to provide proof reading if people want to use it? Feedback needs to be given constructively, bearing in mind of course that for a lot of writers here English is not their first language

I think a lot of the stories are about turning a Straight man gay, but there are a lot of hot gay guys and it might be interesting to see that happen. That one reason why I love the story “Bed and Breakfast”. That beacuse it is about two gay men being truned into mindless sex toys instead of the average straight man into a sex toy. Just a little something different.


In the several years I’ve been following the site, there have been a few stories that caused a great deal of discussion because of their content. Nothing was illegal, but the story content was found objectionable by some readers.

To me, this strongly suggests that we need more stories that shake people up, that test their boundaries, and especially, more stories that help people think through why they object to certain issues that don’t bother other people. (I’ve been working on a story involving Nazi overtones and I’m particularly interested to see the reaction and to enter discussion with those who might be disturbed by it.)