What turns you on besides hypnosis?

Hypnosis and mind control are my main kinks, but there’s definitely other stuff I enjoy, and it turns me on way more if a story on this site has other kinks of mine as well.

Personally, I like masculine, tall, muscular guys being the bottom, and I like the top/MC to be the audience surrogate. I like when guys keep on accessories (socks, shoes, jockstraps, baseball caps, etc) during sex. I think O-ring & spider gags are super hot, whether I’m wearing one or fucking the mouth of someone wearing one. Also spanking

What about you? They can be related to this website (transformation, magic, himbos) or ‘normal’ fetishes and turnons (like BDSM, feet, body types). What non-hypno things get you going?


Like you, hypnosis and mind control are my overriding fetish, to the point where they’re virtually my only fantasy. I don’t practice in reality, though. I also have an incest fetish, though there again, that’s something that manifests entirely in fantasy and would be extremely concerning for me if it were a reality.

IRL, twinks and toned college jocks are what I go for physically, for the most part. I enjoy BDSM as well, though nothing particularly heavy. I love biting and scratching, and just generally watching a guy squirm…I’m basically a reaction slut. I also really love the idea of a guy being hard, but not allowed to do anything about it (preferably by willpower alone…I don’t get much out of chastity devices).

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Same! I love edging (MenOnEdge is one of my favourite porn sites), because I love seeing guys react, thrusting and squirming, not being able to cum. Chastity devices have never really done it for me though. I like the idea that a) they’re holding themselves back to not cum, or b) they’re tied up and I’m in control of whether they can come, rather than their cocks being crushed down whenever they get hard

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For me my two main fetishes are hypnosis and butts. With how they work its easy to combine them together.

On body type I vary. Sometimes I imagine twink, others jock, or bear, or even others.

I preder stories where ge main character is the dominant top. That said I also like seeing the submission in the mind of target.

I dislike dumbing down. I realy enjoy it when the one hypnotized is either improved in life due to the hypnosis or their pubic life stays the same.

But yeah, its all about hypnosis and butts. Staring, sniffing, licking, rubbing, fingering, and fucking them.

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Besides hypnosis, I love tickling. Just basically making someone submit to me, losing total control. It definitely is from when I was younger and I could make my friends say whatever I wanted by holding them down and tickling them - I remember having one say he was my slave.


I am mostly straight but bicurious. I would love a story that the reader is controlled and given the courage to try a m4m sex experience

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I am into long fingernails, nylons, and feet as well as hypnosis. I like to incorporate my other fetishes into my stories. On this site I came across a story of pantyhose and a man wearing them and turning another man into his slave, I was so turned on that I joined the site

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That reminds me, I never mentioned clothing fetishes in my OP (or a whole lot of other things, but I’ll try to limit myself :stuck_out_tongue:). I have the unusual clothing fetishes of camo (either just pants or full-body) and pyjamas. At some point, I’m gonna have to do a story where guys are conditioned to wear camo pants most of the time, then come home and get changed into pyjamas, just for my own personal fantasy fulfillment. :wink:

So your mention of clothes reminded me that when it comes to say pictures and real life jeans (especially bluejeans) turn me on. Especially tight jeans that show off the contours of a guy’s butt. The funny thing is, this interest doesn’t really translate into story since its a much more image based interest. hehe

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i also like knock out themes, chloroform, drugged, spiked drinks, injection, etc). similar to hypnosis in a sense, about control/power. Love men in uniform as well :smile:

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Weight gain and age progression. Ultimate fantasy involves badass rebels turned into chubby, flamboyantly uncool older men. Any situations involving young upstarts getting on the bad side of stodgy establishment types and being taken into the fold. He doesn’t like it at first, but his cock says otherwise. If I had to use a TV show analogy, I’d like to see one of the guys from Sons of Anarchy turned into Mr. Belvedere.

I have a huge fetish for pantyhose/tights. I posted a story idea a couple months ago on this site. If someone wants to take a crack at it. I would be so happy.

“If someone is willing to write it, I think a hot story would be about a straight jock that gets plenty of women and is forced to do the school play or take ballet classes as a punishment. The requirement is that he has to wear tights. He comes across magic tights. When he puts them on, he starts to find that he is transforming into twinkified faggy slut with cocks flashing through his head. He tries to fight but can’t. (wears pantyhose without underwear)“

I don’t mind hypnosis, but it’s not my main thing - it’s all about domination and enslaving and I don’t like stories in which the things that happen to the character are very evil or humiliating…
I like good revenge stories though, especially to some homophobes. :slight_smile:

I’m more into brainwashing, trasformation, reality warping or drugs/chemicals with emphasis on making someone so horny that they can’t think straight anymore. Dumbing down and characters being oblivious to the changes are big plus in such stories.
Like Desmond Brothers, Escape Room, Hímringyó etc.

One word, Corruption.