What would you do with three wishes?

For obvious reasons, there are a lot of works with genies on this sites, who either trick the protagonist or provide them sexual pleasures and riches. So I wanted to know, what would you do if you stumbled upon a magic lamp? Let’s say that within the lamp is a sex genie, who will grant you three wishes that must be related to sex in some way. What would you do?

Easy. And honestly quite boring… :slight_smile:

  1. Be 18, reckless and horny again.
  2. Become immune to any kind of STD or other sickness
  3. Become irresistible to any gay man.
  1. Without question, the first one would have to be perfect health. The initial effect would be to improve my health, because right now, my health affects my sex life. But, to Martin’s point, the effects later on would be to make me effectively immune to any kind of STI and so forth. So, this one comes so far ahead of the others that they seem almost trivial wishes in comparison.
  2. Permanently stay around 30, or maybe have control over my physical age? I think I looked my best around that age, and kind of grew into how I looked. Plus, I like the dynamic of being the older partner, so I’d want to be old enough that most guys I’d be interested in would be younger, but wouldn’t turn me down for being too old.
  3. I think I’d probably want to be comfortably well off. That might be stretching the bounds of “related to sex”, but along with being the older partner, I also love the role of provider. Not necessarily sugar Daddy (though I wouldn’t mind that, either), but at least the role of well-established older partner.

As stated, these rules are not without a few potential side effects or problems, mind you, even without ill intent on the part of the genie. If there were even mildly ill intent, I can easily see situations arising like the 2000 movie Bedazzled.

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Nice picks! After stuff like “make it impossible for any illness to be transmitted sexually”, I think I’d go about trying to change the world rather than myself with the wishes. Like, nothing too big, otherwise if I made a mistake I could mess up the entire world. But something like
"I wish that all genders and sexualities were accepted by everyone."
"I wish for it to be completely normal and accepted for guys to platonically give each other blowjobs, regardless of sexuality."

I think I’ll stick more to the spirit of the question and ignore the more efficient/philanthropic wishes. :grin:

  1. When and only when I’m touching someone (through clothing or not) and wish to, my suggestions and statements will be accepted by them without thought, attention, nor critical questioning; the more fully they accept them, the more pleasure they’ll derive from it. If the genie needs it to be limited to men, to satisfy the “must be related to sex” requirement, I can live with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. I get fifty times the strength, muscle mass, fitness and health benefits from all exercise, while my body burns through unneeded calories at ten times the ordinary rate for my physique.

  3. Wearing black leather clothing becomes ten times as appealing, and a thousand times more acceptable, to every man on Earth.

I don’t know if I want to live forever. And I can see tons of problems with any wish I make.

I’d probably wish that I had my dream body (probably mid-30s, pain free, puts on muscle easily, high metabolism, big dick, big balls, big sex drive, no refraction period, heavy, fast growing beard, gymnast muscles, six pack, deep voice, handsome face, luscious head of hair), the wealth to allow me to maintain and enjoy that body without working, and amped up pheromones that make me attractive and arousing to every person. I’d only want to play around with men, but having women attracted to me can’t hurt.

Of course, all of that would create new problems and dynamics with my relationship with my husband. Can I make the same wishes for him as well?

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Hmm, well if they all have to be sex based in some way, and based on the spirit of the question . . .

1.) Every time I orgasm, I get to make a minor wish. Nothing outlandish like making the sky perwinkle and polka dotted, but minor things, like always having $50 in my pocket whenever I checked, even if I just took $50 out. That’d let me take care of basically everything I need that I couldn’t get with a wish. Plus I’d have like a genie dick, get it to come out and you get a wish (hmm, there’s a story idea.)

2.) To be transformed into the most perfect and attractive physical and mental version of myself, and not degrade passed that unless I wished. That way I’m just ageless and not immortal, so I can avoid the hole-in-the-ground conundrum.

3.) (This one is largely cribbed from sweatnosis above me, but it was honestly one of my first thoughts) Only when I truly want to, have the power to modify the minds of every man around me in a set radius, with my modifications seeming entirely natural and bringing them far more pleasure than doing otherwise, even if they would’ve done them on their own.

I’ve thought about this more than I probably should have, and I’ve usually considered most folks’ wishes to be naïvely framed because of the ambiguity and lack of a reference. Here’s what I think I would do:

  1. I wish I had full control over every component of my body, including the ability to heal from injury or illness including age, and change my appearance and makeup (e.g., fat vs muscle), with an instinctual knowledge of how to use this ability and maintain any status quo / homeostasis without conscious effort.

  2. I wish I had the ability to affect the mind and body of anyone I want in both the manner and effect of my first wish (with the preface of mind control in this wish overriding the identical-ness of this to the first).

  3. I wish I had the ability to break the laws of physics without harming anyone or anything else, but still being within this universe and world in which I am currently, and with an instinctual knowledge of how to do it and the full ability to do it with my mind.

To explain the first, my problem with the way people have tended to phrase this leads to a problem with being able to control the changes or being constantly thinking of them trying to maintain them. My problem with the way people often phrase the second is that it only affects certain things, or people within a certain range, so the villain could still affect you if they have you on CCTV but you’re too far away. My goal with the third is that I want to fly :slight_smile:. But I don’t want the wish-granter to say that if I’m going to break the laws of physics, I’m going to rip apart the universe, or put me into another universe where those are the laws, or to make me need to invent something that’s uninventable or unobtainable in order to do it.

That’s a tricky question to answer, but I think I would go with simple stuff.

  1. I want to be able to heal and transform myself and anyone I want to at will, even reverting or stopping aging so I can build myself an eternal hare, and earn some cash out of being the ultimate plastic surgeon. (Make it so I know exactly what and how to do every transformation or heal, because my current anatomy knowledge is lacking at best)

  2. I wish for the world to take a more responsible, mature and honest approach to sexuality and gender independently of religious and cultural beliefs. So many problems with society derive of people being frustrated that it’s just not fun.

And I’ve been thinking about the third wish for a while but I think I’d save for the future, see how these two work out and use the third to fix problems down the line.

I’m gonna be a bit selfish.

  1. unable to get stds etc and stay 25

  2. be irresistible, to able to have any man I want, want me (gay or straight) at will.

  3. since “being gay” is a legal felony, I’d wish that no one could ever hurt/harm me. Like no matter who saw me, knew about me, or caught me… wouldn’t be able to harm me.

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Control female and male minds to submit and even make them dom me. To even have their own mind control within limits I set
Completly annon.
Whenever I desired

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Interesting challenge.

For any man that I find sexually compelling to the point that I want him, be he straight or gay, and since it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I wish to ‘see’ what exactly would be his perfect sexually attractive lover, be it person of any gender or mix, animal, or object.

I wish to be able to decide to become that for him, becoming thereby impossible to resist. On transforming, we would be given an experience unrivaled even in his unexpressed fantasies, and from him I would take into myself that unique essence of his manhood to treasure from that point onward.

And from that spermatic essence, I would form a Calling. A gentle thread that would always connect us in dreams and memory, but also with the strength to draw him undeniably back to me should I want to experience his fantasy again at any time.


Okay, so… I’m this young cute adventurer exploring the ancient ruins of some ancient society, when I suddenly stumbled upon some ancient artifact… A lamp? could their be a genie inside? Why not try?

I would rub the lamp, and to my surprise!! A massive blue genie emerges. He introduces himself and offers to grant me three wishes… My mind quickly soars into a daydream. All the money in the world? Immortality!? Psychic powers to read minds, and control them!?

Not so fast he would stop me, reading my mind!? I am no ordinary genie he would reveal, but instead the god of sex who was once sealed away for being to mischievous. God of sex I’d inquire, to which he explain that he can grant sexual powers… Like, a penis that causes instant orgasms. Or no sexual exhaustion… Hm…

  1. Always a big fantasy of mine, hypnotic cock. A balanced and fair power, leading to some of my favorite fantasies… The sight, smell, taste of my cock would hypnotic… But nothing overpowered, at least not until I got my dick inside them. Touching my dick would pretty much be the point of no return, and once I finally get it inside someone? Infinite and eternal obedience/love. And naturally very addictive semen.

  2. I’d probably take zero sexual exhaustion. Able to remain hard as long as necessary. Bonus would incredibly production of semen. Massive loads that could even swell my targets. Perhaps the drawback would a sexual appetite quite difficult to satisfy…

  3. Pleasure tough. My fingers, when I focused the power, would cause a noticable sexual pleasure upon touch. I could amplify the power. The drawback would be needing to contact skin. Doesn’t matter where I touch , although the already much more sensitive areas would be further amplified.

To confirm, the sex god genie would naturally fucked me senseless, and then transfer to random artifact somewhere in the world. When I awake from a 3 day coma from the world’s best sex, I’d have my powers.

(My secret dream, which I don’t works here, is to have this dream world I can retreat and dream up or imagine anything. Create worlds with whole new worlds. Some purely fantasy like Final Fantasy, and others incredibly focused on sexuality. usually both)

  1. To be beloved by animals so there is no danger from predators and pests/disease carriers respect my wishes and stay away from me.
  2. The ability to slow time as well as influence people by whispering in their ears in the time between the seconds or the space between thoughts. This is why I don’t need to wish for wealth as doing to the right people will ensure a sizeable income.
  3. Not sure. Might get rid of my Apergers or just keep it as a spare for lifes little emergencies.
  1. The ability to physically manifest any sexual fantasy, let it play out, and then undo it like it never happened. For example, I have a fetish/fantasy of alien possession/invasion. I’d be able to manifest that into reality, let it play out, and then turn everything back to the point the fantasy started.

  2. Shapeshifting abilities (self expiatory :wink: )

  3. As other people have said, immunity to all disease.

Well, I would not want to make the mistake that Eos did with Tithonus: ask for immortality without eternal youth. So wish #1 would be immortal, eternal youth at 30 years old. Yeah, that could get old, but I would deal with it. I was at my physical peak then and could have a lot of fun halfway through eternity with it.

Wish #2: telepathy. I have always been abysmal at knowing what others were thinking. If I could read peoples minds then life would be so much easier.

Wish #3: prescience. With that I could always get money if I needed it, foresee a bad (or good) situation about to unfold, etc.

I think I could handle immortality with #2 and #3 in my arsenal.

  1. I wish to be able to control any person that I touch after saying a phrase, like, ‘Listen to me…’ then anything after it can control their mind. Could be like this: sexy guy on the subway, I set next to him, have his arm touching mine I just say, “Listen to me, you’re going to find it perfectly normal to come with me to my house.” Seduction from then on.

  2. I wish to be able to easily control my own physical appearance, whether it be amount of muscle, cock size, amount of hair on my body.

  3. I wish I had a machine that could make and get rid of perfect clones of anyone I would want just by putting in certain information, such as their name…so, like, could make a perfect clone of Chris Pratt and then control him with wish number one and the machine could then get rid of the clone when I’m done. That way, sex with Chris Pratt without, like, having to find Chris Pratt.

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Yeah, I’d be:

  1. A one-off fix to my beard thickness; I was giving the wrong body/facial hair count for my taste in sex and I would endevour to bump this up a little.

  2. Have the powers the magician from my stories has. (it’s complex, but in general it’s transformation magic that only works on men, and is stronger the more sexually driven/higher libido/horny the man is)

…I wouldn’t need a third wish. Oh… wait I’ve just invented one:

Making “love” and “sexual attraction” I felt for others and others felt for me “leak” slightly to the other person.

as in: If I see a guy and he’s “alright” but for him, I’m a living, breathing 10/10, this wish bounces some of that back to me and I see him as being more attractive/loving. also vice versa if I spy a sexy bear that melts me, some of that mojo gets passed to him as he sees me as more attractive, based on my attraction to him.

I’ve been on both sides of this; the sexy god to someone who you’re just not feeling it for, and the “meh” who’s hopelessly in love with someone else, who doesn’t want to be rude, but just isn’t feeling it.

And let me tell you, neither are fun.