What's a kink you guys want to see more of?

Diaper and ageplay stuff, but I know that’s not popular here so I am just intent on making it myself.


What do you guys think about raceplay?

Not necessarily having to equate with the superiority of one race over the other, but moreso like the hot contrast between skin tones or the celebration of manhood between two different races. Maybe it can be a more subtle thing - such as interracial pairings or couplings.

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I think it’s hot tbh, idk why. Same for ethnicity change stories, but I think some of my attraction to those is escapism lol.

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Public humiliation and display, forced public nudity
Plot includes being forced to wear thong and speedo in public settings etc…


Nice plot, and it turns me on so much!. Could you send me the link of this story?

Hi monkeyhimbo, I think the one gocarty mentions there is one of mine, specifically Playing Doubles.

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Thanks, the story is so hot!

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Daddies and boys, preferably boys in diapers. Ageplay, regression, humiliation and babying.

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I want to see some memory change, initial consensual hypnosis, and, later, non-consensual.

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Skinny, spray-on and stretch jeans - with a bulge and tight buns. Possibly, similar to rubber, the jeans become a second / new skin.

body shrinkage, down to the size of an action toy figure. I’ve seen a few here, would love to see more.

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Loss of control over body while victim is fully conscious of what’s happening and unable to stop it, either due to instinct or some outside influence.
A scene that always comes to mind is in “preacher” where Jesse compels a cop to taser his own balls and the cop does it despite being in clear pain and not wanting to do it.
There is also this Manga that I don’t really recall at the moment but it’s about two yakuza bosses being hypnotized to immediately start fucking each other the moment they see each other, and when it happens their bodies start to act on their own accord against their will and they start doing all manner of sexual stuff despite trying their hardest to make their bodies obey them again.
Sadly I have seen only a few of these here and would def love to see more

I had hoped this site might finally be the place to find more female to male tg transformation but alas its nonexistant. Theres so much male to female content out there but a tiny fraction of the opposite, wish it wasnt as incredibly niche. Feels like theres only the tiniest handful of people with this kink

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No one ever really wants to hear this, but the solution is to write what you want to see more of. If you do it well, it will inspire others to try their hand.


I’m not kidding but that is exactly the reason how I started writing my own stories.

Cock shrink, especially if its on a muscular guy. The contrast between a small manhood on a supposedly masculine physique is especially hot.

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I love giant asses, public sex, farting, musky odor, pissing and feet sniffing.

You might want to check out my F2M gallery on DeviantArt:


It’s admittedly a small chunk of my output. When I do post one, it tends to get fewer “favourites” than other types of transformations, but I’ll still do them when the mood strikes and I find the right images to make it work or when it’s an important part of a storyline in my photocomics.