When is the anniversary?

I’m sorry Martin has chosen to take a back seat. My appreciation for all his amazing work led me to wonder when did this site first open. Does anyone know? Maybe we should inaugurate an annual GSS birthday?

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Around autumn of next year, the site has been online for 10 years, if you just look at GSS itself.

Home (archive.org)

I’ve been well aware of the occasion for quite a while and I’ve considered celebrating it appropriately, but right now I’m neither in the position nor in the mood to organize anything.

Maybe @MonsterMash62 would like to do sth. It’s his anniversary after all.

I could never find any trace of NCMC on any internet archive. Which is a shame.

I believe NCMC went online around 2007. I at least became aware of it that year. (Onyx posted a new story on it).

I honestly forgot when it switched over. And I can’t be faffed to do anything :frowning: I would propose another writing challenge, if @Nu-and-the-Nus or anyone else wants to organize. Spitballing, I think relationships could be a good theme. Relationships of couples or friends or even relationships to certain things like the site itself.

(Pretty broad. Maybe too broad?)

We need to just make a day official and then go nuts for the celebration. I think that is a great idea!


A story challenge based on an “Anniversary” prompt could work. Not necessarily the site anniversary, just requiring that some anniversary is a significant plot point.
It could be an anniversary in a relationship (or perhaps someone forgetting the anniversary.) It could be a significant date to wrap a story around. If you stretch things a little, a St Patrick’s Day story would fir!

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Wouldn’t be cool to take a classic story and remix it? i know we can’t, but man what a challenge that would be.

Why can’t you do that?

Change the names and don’t make it exactly the same. Maybe take one scene and embellish the crap out of it and tease out more heat.

If you’re worried, put a comment at the top crediting the author of the original and be clear you’re doing an homage.

Or reach out to the author of the original and ask them what they think and if they mind.

Some people don’t like people to touch their shit, but if there was a list of people who didn’t mind would be cool. Take a “classic” and do it your way…

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As long as it’s mentioned before the story begins (with a hyperlink to the original story), I’ve got no problem with people riffing off something I’ve written…or finishing one of the series I never finished!

Seems like there must be other six packs of Mariposa out there causing havoc that I haven’t hear about.

Similarly, people should feel free to use any of my DeviantArt transformation sequences for inspiration if you link to the image:

I don’t think this can be site facilitated directly. What’s a classic story? Should the site moderators curate a list? That’s problematic. Should it be by vote, top ten? The site would have to allow for a new mechanism to vote, or it would have to be some criteria generated from existing stats.

Much easier is for the story challenge to be themed along those lines and then individual authors can pick stories they think are classic and reach out to the authors of the originals.

Legit if you want to write your own version of an existing story, you can. But you have to write it from scratch and use different characters and write stuff yourself. People haven’t figured out how to trademark plot beats yet as far as I know. If you credit the original as inspiring your version, you’re fine.

I think this is a fun idea! Especially the idea of doing a ‘celebration’ by having current authors remix some old favorites from the site’s archives… And yes, of course ‘classic’ is subjective, but it could be more about an individual author remixing an old favorite of their own. That might be a really fun approach, and a fitting way to celebrate the current iteration of the site having hit the ten year mark! :partying_face:

I’m thinking about it, though, and I don’t think I want a celebration of the site to take the form of a competition or challenge. I think there are other ways to do it that would feel more celebratory…

Perhaps it could be really fun to organize something similar to how Secret Santa/Secret Satan was handled in past years by Cockatrice? Aka, one person is organizing authors behind the scenes to write stories on a theme, and then the stories are all posted at roughly the same time. We’d need someone willing to organize it all behind the scenes, of course, who could align interested authors with potential ‘old favorite’ stories that they’d be interested in remixing. Then the organizer could also coordinate it so that the completed stories are all posted in the same time frame—maybe one remix story per day, for the duration of the celebration?

@MonsterMash62 , would you be up for organizing this? I will definitely be too busy to handle it, unfortunately, but if someone else would like to run it, I might even be coaxed into participating… :smile:

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That’s very tempting @Nu-and-the-Nus
Organize this and I get a possibly new story from one of my all time favorite authors.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I’m not socially involved enough with the community to do this effortlessly and I’m doing 3 trips (one big one) over the next two months, so if I say I’ll do it, I won’t get to it for another 2 months and then I probably will still not do it :frowning_face:
Someone else should definitely do it.

Just post the idea, take a story that got you into this genre, this site, and redo it as your own. Don’t copy it, take the idea and just redo it as a new one…and see what people can come up with. And then we submit our story with a link to the old one…so like a challenge but no voting, just a celebration. And…we might even get three or four versions of the same story, like a super What If!

So are we going this idea? Or doing something else?

Want to organize this? Post a new forum post about it and I think we can amplify it with n announcement on the main site page for a few days.

I can do that but else does entail before I say yes lol

I’ve never run a challenge or event before so I don’t really know either.

If there won’t be any judging, then I think all that’s needed is a post telling people about it and then maybe reaching out or encouraging people, maybe on here or via email or Discord.

I would be very into this. Ideally I would think you would have permission from the original author or a list of authors who volunteer and say “all my stuff is fine for a remix.”

Unfortunately, many of the authors I read when I started to realize my kinks (about 2 decades ago!) have stopped posting, so the above might not be possible for everyone. Not sure what you do, or how to balance respect for the OG work with practical considerations.

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Yeah I reached out to the author of the story I wanted to do, it’s been over 10 years but he still was protective of the story, so I respected that. He gave me permission but I am VERY glad I asked first.

Just from the approver side of things will it be a contest, in the the stories are grouped together, or will there be a special tag like we do for secret santa?

That way the approvers can make sure the stories are all categorised properly, and the links works etc.

It sounds like a bit of a logistical nightmare to plan everything out.

I suppose another way is to have the contestants rewrite each other’s stories? So whoever rewrites a story will have one of theirs rewritten?

There is plenty of time to hammer out the details.