When life reflects fiction

Hey gang, I’ve read a story here and I’m trying to recall the title. A straight man and his wife are seemingly getting along, when another man enters the house. The third man basically reduces the husband to slave, gets him to sign his assets to him and the wife, while he’s stuck being a slave. At the end you discover that it was the wife’s plan all the time.

I’m thinking about this because I’ve heard someone was in this same position (the conclusion being that a gay couple took the slave and made him part of their family). The real life situation is so similar to the story that I want to show it to them. Thanks!

Could it be This?

What? Really? I mean that sounds like the most ridiculous penthouse letter

I think this is what you are looking for:
Our Routine

Thank you all (both publicly and privately) who responded. Thanks especially to davesub024’s submission. Because of it, I saw the work cuckold, and thought to search on that. That led me to the story I was seeking: Learning His Place by Lunkdunk (that’s his only story on this site, originally posted January 22, 2015).

What’s fascinating is that the story I was seeking—and all those stories suggest—are very much alike. The differences are in the details and the style. It would make an interesting genre on its own.

glad i could help.