When you can't figure out what should happen in your next story

God dammit, I got so many ideas and just can’t choose. I already know what it’ll be about, technically. Just not how I’ll play with that. It’s like my brain shut off or some shit. Wish me luck fellas.

Also, Mets have won 8 out of their last 9. If anyone wants to talk baseball with me then hit me up. I’m always in need of a baseball buddy :smile:

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it’s like for me, there are ‘main ideas’ and ‘little ideas’

If you save up enough ‘little ideas’ until you’re completely blue balled, then start with a big idea, and see how many little ideas “just so happen to brush by” sometimes big ideas brush by too.

I sometimes write a story just to try it out, don’t spell check it, don’t edit, then, delete it and try again with more fleshed out characters and a snappier, faster pace.

I don’t know if any of this helps…

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Thank you! While I did manage to write my story and am pretty damn happy with it, I appreciate the advice.

I think the hardest part of writing it was figuring out how exactly the mind control would work, but the idea I decided on has gone over quite well, so no regrets. I also spent a lot of time, before I started, figuring out who would sub and who would dom. The two characters (as is the case for all my stories) are based heavily off of real people, and I didn’t quite know who I preferred where. I think I made the right choice though.

(I actually have a lot more about Trevor. In my… personal collection. He subs in those :stuck_out_tongue:)

But yeah. Writing is hard, man.

stands around sipping a can of beer.


writin’s hard…