Where have all the twinkies gone?

This site needs more regular updates in its twink / feminization / stripping of masculinity content. It’s mostly just muscles these days, which is boring. And all the great authors like Baralai and MCBrain have vanished. :frowning:


I agree wholeheartedly!

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I’m planning on branching into some twinkier POVs in the nanite series I’m writing. I don’t usually get off on the feminization stuff - have people found that really hot compared to the more physical/body type stuff?


While pretty much every story I write involves twinks in some way, I seem to have an older definition of twink. To me, “twink” means young, smooth, slender to average build, and usually adorable/cute/hot. These days, it seems like feminization is part of the definition, and that’s never interested me in the least. I don’t want my guys to be women, I want them to be submissive men, and in no way do I equate women with submissive. Feminization turns me right off, so I don’t write that at all, although to your point, overt masculinization turns me off just as much. Both, to me, come across as turning someone into a caricature rather than a genuinely submissive man. That’s just me, though. In the end, I think everyone has their own taste, and groups/sites/society-as-a-whole go through phases, so a lack of twinks is bound to happen from time to time.

In a similar vein, I rarely see actual hypnosis on the site anymore, where it used to be quite prevalent. I don’t really expect that’ll change anytime soon, so I just wait it out and occasionally take a look at the hypno stories when I see them go by.


To me, “twink” means young, smooth, slender to average build, and usually adorable/cute/hot. These days, it seems like feminization is part of the definition, and that’s never interested me in the least.

Forgive my ignorance. What are we calling feminization? Does adopting flamboyantly camp and stereotypically ‘fabulous’ mannerisms count as feminization? (I hope this description makes sense). Or is feminization like, literally dressing up as a woman? I think the former can be good in certain contexts, but I despise the latter :smiley:

Also, I agree on your other point. I used to see way more stories with actual hypnosis back in the day (like, 10 years ago). These days not so much. I wonder why?


Feminization means both looks and mannerism.

Using loads of makeup, being shaved meticulously (everywhere), acting fabulous.

But it doesn’t mean to dress up as a woman.

For me Twinks are not necessarily feminine. I like slender, mostly smooth men, who are not overly masculine looking - but they don’t have to be feminine. That’s what I would define as a twink.

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To pull from Wikipedia:

In the context of dominance and submission or kink subcultures, “forced” feminization, also known as sissification, refers to the practice of dressing a submissive partner as a woman and/or encouraging or training them to act in a feminine or exaggeratedly feminine (“hyperfeminine”) manner. If male, the submissive partner may be called a “sissy”.

This is what turns me off, personally, but more and more, it seems to be part of how twinks are being defined, or at least perceived, to the point that some articles feel a need to push back against it, like this one. Oh and Martin, keep in mind that you’re the same age I am, so you probably grew up defining twinks much the same way I do. It seems to have changed. When I was 20-ish, nobody associated twinks with femininity that I can recall.

As for the point made in the article, if someone is naturally effeminate/masculine, that’s fine with me and doesn’t bother me a bit. The turn-off is specifically the deliberate exaggeration of it and dressing like a woman. Look around on FetLife and a very large number of twinks seem to have pics where they’re dressed in women’s clothing, makeup, etc. (Although I haven’t seen it as much on Recon…not sure why there’s the difference.) Some people seem to like it and even expect it from twinks, while others don’t. :man_shrugging:


I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to +1 my desire and interest in stereotypically effeminate twink / “fabulous” transformations, the idea fascinates me so much - and im so sad to see that there’s just so few stories or ideas around this theme - there’s so much potential

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Forced feminization is such a straight fetish. There’s absolutely tons of it on the internet, I’m pleased it hasn’t taken over this site and there’s lots of stories about hunky guys.

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