Where would you live

I’ve finally been declared Cancer free. I’ve been living in San Francisco, Before, that Austin TX, Before that, I was a Firefigher tin PHX and Seattle with my Start in Glasgow Scotland. Now that I’m 65 and free of medicine (for a while) I have one more opportunity in America before I head home. Where is a fantasy place you’d like to make a reality , were you in my position. I’m thinking Sacramento, Chicago or Florida. In all seriousness, where’s the last Gay Mecca to visit before heading home for good?


Chicago has a pretty wild leather/kink scene and an overall large gay scene. Terrible weather though. Florida has a lot going for it for retired folks, which is why so many move there. I cannot recommend Sacramento for anything, really. The politicians simply commute to it. It’s slightly like DC in that there is no reason to be there unless you are working in the political sphere or adjacent.

That’s amazing! I was worried that you’d be worse, so this is really a pleasant surprise.

Congratulations. And I hold my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

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