Would anyone else be interested in a gets smarter story

I know that a lot stories on the site have an element of someone getting dumber which can be very hot to read when written well but I am curious would any be interested reading a story about a man getting smarter? what I have mind is something along the lines of a jock being tried of being turned down by girls for being dumb go looking for a short cut to being smarter. the catch is that he only smarter so long as another man’s cum in is his system. would anyone read a story like this?


I’m sure many would read it - the question is whether the narrative is appealing. The premise reminds me of a lousy movie, “Lawnmower man” - a new serum is tested on a learning disabled lawnmower who’s rather goofy. He turns into a smart serious guy. But then he steals the wrong serum and turns into an incredibly smart but very psychotic guy (a little knowledge goes a long way but sometimes it’s the wrong way).

Back to GSS, of course, getting smarter has to be linked to another narrative - so if he could turn straight to gay that might help, although how he could discover the link would be hard to work out. Maybe he gets raped - and hates the rape but realizes the cum has an effect on him so he has to disguise himself as a hooker to get more.

Good luck figuring this one out!

The only issue I see is that hypno/getting dumber and most everything on this site is one person gaining power and control over another. The getting dumber category works because intelligence can be a way for someone to have power over another especially if the one getting dumber is physically stronger. While I am not saying that a “getting smarter” story wouldn’t work, I think that it is important for you to make more explicit where the power is and who is holding it.

Taking your given scenario, you could have it be that some nerd tricks the jock by giving him an amulet that makes it so that when the jock blows him he gets smarter. In this case the nerd is the one with the power over the jock because he had the brains over the jock but if you extend this tale along eventually through the intelligence boost, the jock will have brains and brawn over the nerd thus allowing him to turn the tables.

That is just one way to potentially write it but I would say focus on where the power is and know which perspective (dom or sub) you are writing from and for.

As I’m not a big fan of dumbing down in stories I very much would say yes! :slight_smile:

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I like the idea of a story where the guy gets smarter and more muscular/sexy as long as gets 2-3 loads of cum in his mouth or his ass everyday. And so even though he’s straight, he keeps around a gay guy, perhaps his roommate, who facefucks him and pounds his ass on a daily basis. The gay guy is really ugly and not very smart, but he has a high libido, so he’s perfect. And no matter how intelligent the jock becomes, no matter how many accomplishments he achieves at school or in the lab, he has to come home and be this dumb guy’s sex slave

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Sounds hot to me!
I think a great way to do it would be from someone else’s perspective. So it could be three roommates, Mark, Sean and Rob. Mark is the point of view character and gay. Sean is straight, a total dude bro, not in the best shape, dumb and clueless, but has a sexy as fuck face. Rob is gay as well. Mark’s had a crush on Sean for the longest time, but never told anyone. Rob’s noticed though. Mark always stares into Sean’s eyes way too long, and offers to cook him dinner and other shit all the time.
Mark gets home one night and Sean’s not around and Rob’s in his room obviously getting laid from the noises. The next morning, Sean comes out of the bathroom fully dressed and quickly heads off to work. Mark notices his clothing is a bit tighter around his arms and chest. Rob comes out of his room a few minutes later and Mark starts joking with him about him getting laid last night. Rob is evasive about it, feeling guilty about sleeping with Mark’s crush. Says it was fantastic, the guy couldn’t get enough of sucking his cock. Slurped down 3 loads.
This goes on for a couple of days, Sean slowly getting bigger and smarter, telling Mark about how he’s acting all of his papers at school and how easy it all is. How he’s been a dumbass his whole life and how awesome it is that school is so easy now. Mark listens attentively, trying hard not to watch the swell of Sean’s bigger biceps or notice how hard Sean’s nipples are poking out of his way too tight shirt.
Sean finally picks up on Mark’s crush on him one night and takes him to the bedroom and unzips his pants. Mark asks what’s going on and Sean tells him he’s not gay, but eating come is making him smarter and buffer (he takes his shirt off to reveal his shredded, muscular body) so he wants to suck as many loads as possible out of Mark that night. He asks Mark if he wants it, even though that’s all he’ll ever have. Mark sighs of course and says yes.

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Wow, even just that summary was incredibly hot! I’d love to read that story!

Raises hand (and…erm…other things) YES!

Ultimately though, and what I would like for you to know, as a writer, is to write what YOU like and enjoy. The reason I say this is that there will always be those who make comments on your stories and think writers only exist to serve and obey their own fantasies, their own likes and dislikes. You’ve seen them commenting on various stories here…hell, I’ve even done it a time or two myself, puns and all. Unless you’re looking to the community to help thrust your story-making along, more often than not, just take it as a complement that your story was able to rope them in, tie them down , and get them to think long and hard about what they themselves would like to do in the world you have created for them.

You do you, handsome. We’ll all happily be here for the ride .


I’m with you on this one. I read the stories where the guy/guys get dumber, but I’m not a fan.

I would really like stories with guys getting smarter. Being smart dosn’t mean the guy can’t be controlled. Actually the intelligent only think they are resistent to mind control :grin:

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If anyone’s feeling especially creative, there’s also the Flowers for Algernon approach (smarter, then dumber, and understands he’s getting dumber), although that might be a bit cerebral compared to most stories on the site.

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What about something where a guy’s intelligence is constantly diminishing, but taking a load boosts it back. Like, straight jock Michael has an IQ of 100. Every 12 hours, Michel loses 20 IQ points. If his gay roommate Mark cums in Michael, Michael gains 20 IQ points. So its not just that he keeps getting smarter, he needs to keep getting fucked to maintain equilibrium. Maybe this is because of magic or a science thing, but yeah.

At first Michael wants Mark to just cum in a cup and give it to him, but Mark wants a blowjob. Michael refuses, but after a few days he can’t do basic math, and he comes crawling back (literally). Mark continues pushing Michael farther and farther: at first Michael has to just blow him twice a day, then he has to do it naked, then he has to do it in leather gear, and eventually Mark gets him to take it up the ass.

Michael figures if he can get smart enough, he’ll be able to figure out how to reverse the ritual, so he starts trying to get more than 2 loads per day out of Mark. He wears nothing but a jockstrap when they’re in their room together, he gets on his knees and begs for Mark’s dick, whatever he can to get a few more loads out of him. Mark knows what he’s doing, but he can’t help but get turned on watching his straight roommate trying everything to arouse him. idk something like that

My first thought on reading that is that the straight guy might well just say “Fine, I’ll be stupid…I’m not eating cum/taking it up the ass!” Now that would be a challenging place to write a story from, particularly if you didn’t employ any kind of hypnosis/transformation/whatever to change his mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I mean, that’s what he’d definitely say at first, but I’m picturing them as university students. Michael is a jock, but he’s not a stereotypical dumb jock. He’s pretty smart, and he takes hard courses. He values his intelligence a lot. After a few days, he can’t read his textbook anymore and after wrestling with it, he goes back to Mark for a blowjob

Sounds like a good story to me. You could show how much his life sucks when he’s a dumbass. If he had a scholarship for research and couldn’t do the research, he’d get kicked out and have to do something else. He could have a phobia about being perceived as stupid.

To twist the knife in a little more, you could make it where he mistakenly thinks it has to be his roommate, but finds out later it could be anyone. Meaning he didn’t have to do all of the degrading things his gay roommate wanted him to.

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This the idea of a story where there is a straight dumb jock who because of some hypno event becomes a very smart and very dominant gay guy. Even though he’s fully aware of what happened he finds himself liking it, to his surprise and shock, and so is more than happy to assist in getting some of his friends into becoming gay guys as well. Of course, unlike him, his new gay friends aren’t as smart or as dominant as he is.

Just sayin!

Personality and genius shift would be nice particular if not just them but everything is intellectually easier. Like they move to archetypes of mad science or something. Or just become super capable and have friends react to the difference and them develop from it.