Would you be interested in this story idea?

Hey there! So, honestly, I don’t love the idea of me putting ideas out there and asking for people to write them without being willing to, like–commission them. But still, these are themes I enjoy so I was thinking of maybe putting feelers out, asking if this is something you might like to read!

Some ideas I’ve been having are some gentle hypnosis, a dominant friend hypnotizing his friend, probably roommates, as their lifestyle begins to change–ending up probably a romantic end, with both happy. But some of the more kinks that’d follow it, I think, would be weightgain–not super slobby, but the sub character would end up chubby, most likely, and that’d definitely be a focus. Maybe some mild embarrassment but there wouldn’t be a lot of humiliation involved. Is this something anyone might want to read?


Not enough stories on here feature cute chubby guys so yeah I’m into that

That’s an interesting idea for a story! I too love it when the Dom is tough but likes his sub by the end :slight_smile:
Can I ask tho @glamgod - do you think you might try and write the story yourself? We all started from somewhere, and it’s actually a lot of fun! I think you have a great idea for what you want to see, why not type bits of it down :smiley:


yeah, definitely I want to try myself–I’ve rped a lot before, and I’ve written a lot of stories just not. sexual ones? So it’d be branching out a bit for me but I’m really interested in giving it a shot. I’m glad it seems like something some people would want to read!


Always happy to read new work. And if you want it proof reading, especially since it’s your first go, feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

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Aw, thank you! I usually proofread my own stuff, but I’ve also never really posted my stories online, so I might do that. <3

Up to you but the offer’s there if you want :slight_smile:

Naturally I welcome all stories with a happy ending


hah, awesome! I’m working on character sketches and an outline because I’d really like to put some stories up, and starting with this!