Would you like to help writers to edit and proofread their stories?

Seems like a lot of readers love to complain if an article hasn’t been edited properly. I’ve only written one thing several years ago, and it was horribly bad. Now, I’ve got a few story ideas tumbling around in my head and I’d like to find an editor or two to support me in writing quality material.

How do you find editors for your work?

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I guess you mean “editor” as in “proofreader”, right?

I’ve been wondering the same when I submitted my first two stories myself some month ago. Especially if you’re not a native english speaker.

Maybe there are some guys who’d like to offer their service here?

How about we repurpose this thread and sticky it?

“Looking for an Editor”
The first post could tell people to post in the thread if they are willing to be contacted to help edit a story, or if they are looking for someone to edit it.

Another way to do it is to email authors you like/who are writing similar stuff. That usually works :slight_smile:

That’s one of the things I had in mind when I created this category “Authors and Readers”.

But, yeah, let’s pin this thread. I really hope we can find someone willing to help aspiring new writers :slight_smile:

I’d love to to help edit stories! Just shoot me a message on here and I’ll share my email with you so you can send me anything you want edited/proofread!


I’m definitely available to help proof-read stories!


Hi, I’m writing my first story, and I was wondering if either you or bleuboy could help me edit-proofread it, English is not my first language, but I don’t think it would help if I was writing it in my native language “I’m not that good with grammar and punctuation, etc. in my native language either” anyway, the story is pretty long already and I’m not even finished yet but I wanted to see if one or both of you could help me see if I need to make modifications relating to the writing style, I do am a paragraph over-runner :frowning: hopefully you can help with that, also chapter selection since it is a kind of long story, Microsoft Word says it’s 16,413 words :astonished: so I guess it should be made into chapters.
I would also like your opinion about the story and if it’s any good and should I continue it or not, is it worth it? another thing is, I don’t know if the title is good, or should I think of something better? but if you do help, you can comment on anything that by changing it could make the story better.
I’m writing all this here because I just created the account yesterday and it won’t let me message you directly, yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Shoot me PM on here and I’ll share my email with you and we can get crackin’ on edits and such :slight_smile:

I’m also happy to proof read :+1:t3:

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Would it be possible to have some way to send feedback directly from the stories?

Ideally you’d be able to pinpoint exactly where the issue is, and the author would get a private note on it.

Many times I notice little things that need to be corrected, like wrong character names being used, or grammar mistakes. If Spanish is used I also many times notice typos that could be easily corrected.

I can’t commit to proofreading stuff, but i wouldn’t mind being able to point out these mistakes in an easy way without having to post a public comment in the story and looking like a grammar douche!!

The author has the option to publish his email address to the story (it’s on the top, below the title). You can just click it to write him a mail.

A “private feedback” option that would enable to send feedback to authors who opt not to show their mail address publicly is not a bad idea. I’ll add that to the list of things to add later.


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Hi id love to do this too

I would be glad to help proofread.

Would anyone here be masochistic enough to proofread the next chapter of Justin? (Ideally this requires having read the whole of Nathan and the Gang and its sequels…) It’ll probably be ready in the next week or so.

Sorry I just joined the Community today. Since I have had many years working as a proof reader and editor for a group of lawyers, I would be willing to offer my services to proof read and edit anything anyone wishes to send My way.

Just send me a request for My email.


I’d be happy to help someone and edit their story/stories. I’ve had numerous people ask me to edit their stories/essays/emails/reports/etc over the years. I’ve been doing it from all the way back from approx. early high school over 20 years ago until…now…(ack, has it really been that long? EEP! )

Anyway, I’ve done everything from minor grammar and syntax edits all the way to “Can you help me make this more fluffy business vaguely specific?” and “I was just rambling, can you help me structure this better?”

I finally went ahead and joined the community today. Because - as some of you have likely noticed - I’ve been getting after more people lately who are unnecessarily tearing authors down anonymously in the comments of their stories. While those individuals have issues of their own - regardless of how long or short the story is - no one deserves that kind of treatment. If anyone would like to have me help edit/proofread their story/stories, please feel free to send me a PM for my email address. I check my email once every other day or so, which you may want to keep in mind. If you do not need rapid turn-around, I’m your guy as I tend to go over everything I read with a fine-toothed comb.

(…and I do mean that literally…it takes me at least 30min to edit someone’s simple email at work…)