Wrestling stories

Hello, I’m looking for all possible wrestling jobs in the ring, arena, or anywhere else. It’s the fight. I would be very grateful for every work on this topic, I found very few such stories on this site.

Take a look at the “wrestling” tag, should help you find quite a lot…

Try this one if it’s more the erotica you’re looking for. It involves wrestlers and other jocks, but it isn’t specifically about what goes on in the ring. Not even close, really. It is a really long, multi-chapter story. Thought I would mention it, although it might not be what you are looking for. Nifty Archive: the-exam

Hey. I’m a writer off Discord.
I’ve some talent, although I’ve never done a wrestling tale b4.
Would you be up for one involving mental manipulation mid physical domination?
I’m not in the mood for sticking to just friendly play. I’d rather be a step above others, & to prove why entitlement is due. :sunglasses:
Alan/36/UK alanleys@yahoo.co.uk

That sounds really good, and seems as though it would fit well on this site. I’m sure you know that all the characters have to be at least 18 here, but they could still be seniors in high school (in America) or I yjink you call it 6th form.

If you’d like a short tale tailored for you, for free? I’d be happy to lad.
I’d only require a short debate, on some aspects. I can wrestle irl, but my writing interest is mainly in mentality & drives. What the character would most want as a result of the action / situation.
Also if you’d like a darker dom tale, or if you’re after a sweet bro romance. Or equals / rivals.
Maybe plausible physical or mental change could feature.
We may have different ideas of what makes an attractive guy. But on this occasion?
Your taste would be the one that matters. :wink: