A Real-Life Gay Erotic MC Story in Nature!

I was reading this CNN article about a fungus that infects cicadas, turning them into hypersexualized zombies. And this paragraph especially struck me as something that could be the plot of a story on here (if it involved humans and not cicadas):

“Despite having a chalky gumdrop of spores instead of genitals, the infected cicadas still attempt to mate, with gusto. The fungus manipulates the cicadas’ behavior, causing what researchers including Kasson refer to as hypersexualization. The infected males keep trying to mate with females, and they also change their behavior to attract their fellow males. Healthy female cicadas will flick their wings to indicate that they’re ready to mate. Both male and female cicadas infected with Massospora flick their wings to draw in amorous, soon-to-be-infected males.”

So who wants to write a story where this cicada fungus evolves to infect humans? I’d be first in line to read it!


pretty sure absman alreay wrote it :smiley:

Reminds me of probiotics by Baralai