A series, that last 3 month?

Hi readers and authors!

I open ths topic to get more feedback about an idea and experiment, I started with another author (@Arcturus) on GKS.

We created two small series about two guys comming together. The episodes of first serie were published, as they are ready.

For the second “Season” we decided to pubish one chapter per week. With our 12 chapters, the whole story will be published within 3 month.

The question is: Is this timescale too long? Is a reader interested to come back once a week to see, how the story goes on?

Or is it “bullshit” and we should publish all the stuff at once, as all chapters are ready for the audience?

Open for any feedback…


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Historically, the longer a series goes on the less reader interaction the author gets, so chapter one gets the most views, ratings, comments etc, and then that steadily drops off.

That certainly shouldn’t stop you, you will generally find a small but dedicated audience, and there certainly are stories that do very well and have many chapters.

If it brings you joy to experiment with publishing styles, by all means go for it.

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I think the number of chapters on one side, and in what time frame they’re published on the other, are two very distinct factors.

If the series has a lot of chapters and all the chapters are already finished, I’d at least publish 2 or 3 chapters a week, to keep the readers interested.


The aspect, that the initial chapter has the most audience is also a result of the follwoing:

Some read first chapter, and didn’t recognise the next one. Others join a series later, and maybe jump to previous chapters. So the shrinkage is a natural result.


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The shorter timescale seems to be something we (@Arcturus an me) will follow for our future series.

For the actual one ( ‘About Playing And Whining - Season 02’ by Puppy Vince & Arcturus - Gay Kinky Stories) the weekly one was announced, and we will keep this.


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Maybe it is aesier for the readers, if the name Shows, that there are more chapters… E.g.
01/12 … So they can know , what follows and can subscribe.

The overwiew clearly Shows how many chapters are actual in a series.

Do you mean, that the Page should Display the total count including Approved and planned chapters?

Yes, exactly.
So If you know, how Long the series last (If known before).

But now our experiment startet and i Hope,that the Readers follows us.

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I think 1x chapter per week is about the right pace, but that depends on chapter size. I typically assume chapters are about 4000-8000 words. Short (1000-2000 word) chapters might change my opinion.

Speaking from personal preference, if it’s more than 1x a week, I feel like I fall behind and struggle with wanting to spend the time to catch up. Less frequently than 1x a week and I don’t carry forward the same excitement and anticipation for it.

For stories with long chapters (8,000+ words), I sometimes wait until the story is finished before reading. I would usually read the first 3-4 chapters, then fall behind because I don’t feel like I have the time every week, and then once I’m behind, I will wait until the story is finished to catch up one afternoon when I have nothing else to do.

I’m sure others have more analytical data points, but that is my personal perspective.

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