Ability to resize text on screen [Browser feature]

It would be really helpful if readers happy ability to increase the text size of the stories while reading them. As someone who hast to wear reading glasses to read small text I tend to leave those in my every day carry, and not on my nightstand where I’ll forget them. And I’m sure for many of us the night stand is the closest thing to where we are reading the wonderful works collected on the site.

Thanks for considering this suggestion!

On most modern browsers, you can hit Ctrl-+ to zoom in, Ctrl-- (control-minus sign) to zoom out, and Ctrl-0 to revert to normal size. You can also hold down the Ctrl key and move your mouse wheel, assuming you have one, to do the same. This applies not only to browsers, but some other apps as well.

If you’re on a phone, you should be able to use the pinch-to-zoom feature where you slide two fingers apart to make it bigger or together to make it smaller.


To add to the already excellent answer by @RobinHood70 :

On phones, you usually have a global setting for the letter size, which affects all apps, including the browser.

On Chrome on Android phones, the browser has a separate setting in “Accessability” to scale the text size, which might be the best option for you. I’m 100% sure that Apple phones and other browsers have the same option.

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On Apple phones you can hit the little ‘AA’ button in the Safari bar, that’ll pop up a menu. Down at the bottom of the menu there’s a control with a ‘100%’ in the middle. Tap on either size of it to increase or decrease the text size on the screen.

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I feel a right idiot for not seeing that I could do it myself. Thanks for the help guys.

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Hey, don’t sweat it! That’s what we’re here for, no need to feel bad. You can’t know everything.