Addicting Cum

Imagine a guy discovers one day his cock got larger and now he produces a lot more cum then normal. So much cum that he goes to the doctors who ask for a cum sample, so beforehand he cums into some water bottles.

They disappear, much to his confusion.

A few days later his four friends slash roomates ask him if he has any more of the delicious shakes. He is confused but realizes thsy drank his cum.

When he learns their gym training was better their demand for more gas him say yes. He keeps the fact its cum secret.

Weeks of daily cum shakes has effects. They get improved in body, more muscle too, half gain more hair while the other half seem to loose some, their butts go bubble, tbey get horny and a lot more touchy with each other, a lot more emotional and agreeable too.

At one point they drink more cum shakes then normal and go into a completely subby, horny drunk like giddy needy high. They become cum drunk.

I’m not sure of long term ebebts or anything. I just had the idea of cum drunk and it expanded in my head. So I wanted to share. Hehe


Just watching it play out could be fun.

I like the idea. It kinda blends a bunch of my favorites together… One being where a guy bestows his buddy a chance to taste his new shake which turns out to be cum and then the guy goes cum crazy. The muscle growth reminds me of story where a guy gets an illness and that triggers him to become like a Neanderthal and he infects his buddies to become brutish. Also leekers would be somewhat similar… Still that type of story structure is sublime and I support its creation to the fullest!

Firstly, hey @KhrizzzToePhur, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Oooh yeah, there is something hot about the idea of giving a buddy a cum shake and using that to addict him to your cum and musk and cock. Especially if said buddy is a total masculine muscle straight guy.

Though I wouldn’t go so far as to reduce intelligence (I like mentally competent people) I do have to say the idea of an illness leading to physical changes that make them all the more capable and focused on the pleasures of submission and gay sex.

Though the idea of leekers doesn’t normally do it for me in tandem with this particular effect it kind of makes sense. I mean if his cock can cum enough to fufill the energy shake needs of four jocks then there is a chance he leaks a bit. Which is clearly a substance that is musky and mentally effecting even before people get a taste of it.

But yeah so many potentials on this, so much fun.


While digging through the MCStories in an attempt to find interesting ideas I found two straight stories that had the power of hypnotizing cum.

This brought me back to this thread as I was going to make a post talking about it only to find it already existed.

So yeah, the idea that a guy finds his cum to lead to addiction, submission, and even a temporary trance state when swallowed or it fills asses (and technically pussies to, but its all about the ass for me) is a very hot idea.

The interesting element of this is getting straight guys to drink cum without calling attention to that being what they are doing. That could be a fun and sexy thing.

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Cum addiction is actually one of my major turn ons especially since it goes well with me being a sub haha

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Its such a fun idea, especially when the dominant starts spreading out his control among other men. Like he starts small, just the initial guy, before testing and expansion leads him to using his cum on others.

My biggest issue is the start. I have the idea that he goes to the doctor for a standard check up or maybe the flu or something and is given a drug to get better only for there to have been a labeling mistake and the drug he takes is not the one he was supposed to take, leading to him gaining addictive cum.

From this comes the tricky question - how does it first manifest. Like does he have a boyfriend who sucks his cock and goes into trance. Is he at a bar and a one night stand suck his cock and go into trance. Is he win a bet and a straight guy accepts the loss and sucks his cock. I’m not sure, though I like the last option the best. hehe

From that of course goes to him using his cum on others. Maybe putting it in a smoothie to get his boss or coworker or roommate or neighbor into a trance. And such. Lots of fun to be had.

The idea of him turning a macho straight guy into a happy to suck cock and get rimmed and fucked good boy for a gay guy is particularly hot for me.

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Could you link these stories?

Sure. The two straight stories with hypnotizing cum are as follows:

Good to the Last Drop by Mister Harvest - Good to the Last Drop

The Last Bridge in Pittsburgh by Seamstress - The Last Bridge in Pittsburgh

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