Any alternative sites to GSS?

Just wondering if there are other sites that hosts m2m and mind control-centric stories out there? I know there’s but that one mostly has straight stories.

I would like to know if there are other sites out there? Thanks!

Not really. Some good patreon pages out there, but those are single author and paywalled. Tumblr can have some decent stories, but I’ve found tumblr hard to find stuff I like nearly as much as GSS/GKS.

Ultimately, I don’t feel there is a community out there like this one. Martin and the story reviewers put in a lot of time and effort to provide new features and keep the community safe, and there are some amazing author’s that contribute here.

Personally, I have stopped posting or visiting other sites because nothing else comes close to here.


As a writer, basically what Naedre said.

There are other story archive sites., but there are no specific alternatives to match the size/scale/finesse/specificity of GKS.
It’s like a whale in a tuxedo and a top hat, versus carp wearing jeans and various vests from the early 00’s.

:face_with_spiral_eyes: you’re stuck with us forever :face_with_spiral_eyes:

As a reader, as long as you don’t mind certain overspill, perhaps add Metabods and Nifty to your list of other erotic fiction sites to check in on now and again.
I don’t (check them,) but I know some decent Authors that do publish there as well.

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While they’re not dedicated to hypno stories, and I can’t say I use them myself, I’ve heard Literotica brought up a few times over the years. Like MC Stories, they cater to all orientations, but unlike them, they section things off, so there’s a section specific to Gay Males and they appear to allow roughly the same sort of content as here.

Mcstories also section their stories. There is a category for male/male sex Categories; mm with 1675 stories either fully og partially focused on gay sex.

I’d forgotten about their category system. I tend to ignore it because they usually don’t include categories beyond mc mm and in, even when I specify them. But you’re right, in my experience, the gender-based categories are universal.

I discovered in the 1990s. Once (what has become) GSS established itself, the number of male-male stories on that site declined. To me that indicated that GSS really does “own” the gay community of mind control stories.

There is one more site that has similar stories: Archive of Our Own. I’ve found a few stories, there but it’s mostly straight, and there’s way too many stories with too, too much over categorization, making a search very tedious.

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There’s a queer site called Read Only Mind. It has some gay content but is more like an alternative to McStories with a lot of sapphic content. I cross-post there, though!

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There’s also

O’Melissokomos’ website hosts a some older hypno stories that were fantastic, though I don’t think it’s updated anymore:

If you aren’t opposed to furry content - there is a lot of gay mind control content on furry sites like FurAffinity (if you need a few starting points, I have a good list of furry hypno stories here: Furry Hypnosis Story Recs)

Similar to the furry thing - if you don’t mind fanfiction, there’s always Ao3: Hypnotism - Works | Archive of Our Own - someone else mentioned there was some over categorization, but the nice thing is everything can be filtered, so if you only want m/m stories, sorted by hits (or likes/kudos) that’s pretty easy. Here’s just m/m stories.

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Theres literotica
Some good stuff on here


Don’t know if this is relevant but I mostly read from three sites. GSS, Nifty Erotic Stories Archive: Gay Male Stories and

I sometimes check out the Erotic Stories section of (Large Penis Support Group)

It’s a pity that I don’t understand English very well, and I don’t know if you would like to read Chinese novels.

We have stories in other languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German. Chinese would be a great addition.