Anyone know an author from mcstories with purple boots as a theme?

so i know this is about a different site, but i know there’s been a lot of authorship/readership overlap between sites and the forum for that one isn’t really active. years ago when i was still kind of figuring myself out (like 2017/2018) i LOVED the multichapter works of a very specific author on mcstories. i think they had purple boots in their name at the time. i really really wanted to reread their stuff but i can’t find it for the life of me! does anyone know what im talking about or remember some names? are they still online somewhere, maybe even on mcstories and i’m missing the obvious? the ones i specifically remember were:

-bitter rivals are hypnotized at prom by a magician, and then again over a period of months into performing a series of humiliating scenes. they eventually naturally genuinely fall in love with each other
-two friends get basketball shoes that improve their game performance, but they have to kiss to get an energy boost. it slowly makes them attracted to each other to the point they can’t think of anything else and stop a game to bone on the court
-it could’ve been another author, but i THINK they also did one involving university scientists running an experiment themed around the classic chicken hypnosis gimmick but it ended up having multiple layers of secret motivation?
-the aforementioned purple boots, although i remember basically nothing about that story

this guy’s stuff was genuinely like. weirdly special to me, and i would love if somebody knows how to find any of them again!!!

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You’re thinking of Purple Boots Wearer, or at least that’s the name I’m remembering. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what it was. I’ve got an old old e-mail address in my contacts list that I can try if nobody else has more recent info about him. I think he retired, though.

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Hmm. Like Robinhood70, I vaguely remember the name Purple Boots, and checking my small archive of stuff, I found a few of his stories that I grabbed from mcstories in the early twenty-noughties. All those files have purplebootsgywr as the user name. That includes ‘Herb-Roasted Chicken’, which seems to match your scientists running a chicken hypnosis scheme description.

The problem is that trying to use that knowledge to find the stories. The authors page and the individuals stories on mcstories seem to have been removed, and that includes using url links that are still extant on google that lead back to where they should be.

That said, there are a few stories that can be found via google reproduced on other sites, such as:

But overall I think most of their work is lost to time and digital entropy.

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Wayback Machine to the rescue:

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The e-mail I have for him matches the one listed in the link above. I actually already sent him an e-mail last night, pointing to this discussion, so don’t everyone else go e-mailing him as well. :slight_smile: No reply so far, but also no bounceback.

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Oh man that’s a name I haven’t thought about in a while. In fact I commissioned two stories by him long long ago. Fun stuff.

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Oh, how wild… I haven’t thought of that name in years…

Yeah I 100% remember reading his stories as a teen, when I first stumbled across MCStories and proceeded to read my way through their entire MM archive. His stuff wasn’t my typical fare, but I remember it having a sort of bouncy joy to it. It’s been close to two decades since I’ve thought of his stories, but the moment you said ‘purple boots’ I was like wait, I know this…

Now I’m curious to hear how this all resolves. Huh. What a blast from the past.

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He used to have a lot of hypnotism videos on youtube under his real name. I just checked and the channel is still there, but all of the “interesting” vids seem to be gone. Those “interesting” vids were basically vanilla PG versions of his stories - guys dressed as clowns/toy soldiers/etc.- there might have been more explicit content in the stuff you paid for (which I never looked into); I know over the years he had a lot of trouble getting banned/kicked off various sites, and I have to assume there was some reason for that. My guess is now he’s either quit making the vids or has gone very deep undercover. (I’d prefer not to share his real name publicly if you don’t already know it.)


Wow, thank you all so much! It absolutely is purplebootsgwyr. @Nu-and-the-Nus I had almost the exact same experience as you. What really stood out to me, and part of why the stories stuck in my head so much, was that bouncy joy you mentioned, as well as how unique the situations were and how much I felt like the characters mattered (if that makes sense). I hope nothing too serious happened, but either way I’m very, very glad there’s still some archived versions to look back over.


He did write some hot stories.


Howdy, folks! Just got a nice message from RobinHood70 letting me know about this thread. Yes, this is purplebootgywr here, sometimes known as Rusty, and if you wanna get fancy, Russell Peterbaum. It’s a pen name, so Rusty or PB is fine.

I’m flattered my stories are remembered, to say nothing of how fondly those who have posted here have recalled them.

I pulled my stories from Simon’s because I am reformatting them to sell on Amazon as eBooks and slim paperbacks. There is cover art being created for each tale and everything. So they won’t be gone for long. I even have my first full-length novel in the works which juxtaposes the rubber fetish community with the lawncare-obsessed suburban world I grew up in, which asks the question: Which of these two groups is the actual caring community, and which are the freaks?

Gaybird, thanks for asking about my stories. The stories you are thinking about are Your Night To Remember, It’s Gotta Be the Shoes, Herb-Roasted Chicken, and of course, The Purple Boots. There are over two dozen stories of mine that will be made available online.

And yes indeed, I still keep my original e-mail active. So if you’d like to contact me, write to (And the “gywr” at the end does stand for gay writer, as some have already guessed.) PLEASE include Purple Boots in the subject heading so they don’t get lost in the spam folder.

Hope to have my content available for you soon! Thanks so much for asking about me and my work. Cheerio!



Well now, that is good news. I hope the sales go well.


Wow, thank you so much for your kind response! I’m very glad to hear that that was the reason, and as Zandramas said I hope the sales go well. You’re a truly excellent writer!!

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When you’ve published your work, please don’t forget to mention (and link) it here :slight_smile:

Wow, so glad to know you’re still writing - your stories have stayed with me for nearly 25 years! Puppetboys, Herb Roasted Chicken, and the Gummistein frat led by Xander and Skeevo are evergreens - if you ever host a creative writing workshop, I’m there! Delighted to know you’re still writing, and looking forward to your new work.

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Hey PB,
I have great memories of your stories. You started not too long after me and if I’m not mistaken, you published also on the Yahoo group GayCelebMCStories at the same time as me but that time is a blur for me now. I’ve never been too much into fetish but your stories were so well written that I read and enjoyed them a lot. They always feel like all hell is breaking loose, I like that.