Anyone want to run with these?

I have a couple of stories I either never developed or wasn’t satisfied with. Whats the best course: Post them here or post them and leave it open to edit? two are only a couple of paragraphs long and one is a whole story. For personal reasons I’m no longer posting for general consumption.


Post them on here. Then we might have a few authors that get inspired and have different takes and directions they take things in.

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Good idea.
I often get struck with ideas that are “good for someone” just not me as an author.
It would be fun to have this thread, or any dedicated thread for a sort of “Free to browse/take story ideas.”

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Maybe you could put it up as a community stories? Or did you mean that you simply don’t want those storylines to be shared in the general public eye (i.e. on the story site)?

Otherwise I agree too that you could post it here as a thread or something, and leave it open for everyone to throw in a paragraph or several to carry on…or people could post their versions of the extension to your startup.

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Right… I’ post them here and see where that goes.

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I thought of MrMadness who wrote an amazing story “Jarls House”.
Thor loved his fights with the Ice Giants . Truth be known, he rather enjoyed the physical impact; the brutality of “fighting for the right side”. He even loved blocking the pain (and there was a lot of pain to be blocked). He especially loved the camaraderie after as their wounds are tended to by the lesser people, (even though they would heal themselves). They were, after all, Demi-Gods.

But lately it seemed redundant. The Blue people would hit him. He would hit back. (Yawn). It was becoming so paedestrian; so schoolyard. “I suppose that’s the problem with being a Demi-God” thought Thor. “I’ve done everything. I’m bored with perpetuity. I wish I could do something new”. What Thor hadn’t thought about was the consequence of a Demi-God making a wish. They typically find a way of coming true.

Loki is such a misunderstood man. A half-brother, never held much as a baby. Always a trickster yet adored. Always manoepulating, yet has his own house of worship. When he felt the unspoken wish, his mischievous mind came up with the perfect thing.

Thor hit the ice Giant, Hrungnir, again, this time, solidly in the chest. For the first time, Thor realised how solid and well built the Giant was. But even more shocking is he felt his manhood thicken and harden. He felt… he… felt… BY THE GODS! He Felt a sexual heat. This only spurred him to hit harder and faster.

Blows to the Ice Giants chest should have felled him like a tree. The power should have sent him sailing but the truth of the matter was the Giant was equally as struck by the power of the small God and how impressive his musculature was. He felt… he… felt… BY Threymer’s Frost… He felt Sexual Heat!!

Stunned by the events, both assumed a flushed appearance, dilated pupils and increased respirations. The attacks on each other stopped as both stood, panting. Not from expenditure of energy but by their mutual arousal. They stared each other down; they paced and circled, more to disguise their arousal and embarrassment than to intimidate.

“You are a worthy being, but this is futile. You’re fortunate other matters call for my attention, or this would be your final battle”, claimed Hrungnir.

“Yes, go suck on your mothers teat with Ymir…I know how important it is to you” tauted Thor. The image of Ymir in Hrungnir caused another flush in them both. As he turned, Hrungnir reached across his chest and tweaked his nipple, while suppressing a small gasp of pleasure. Thor, however, was taken completely surprised. A Gasp and low moan slipped from his mouth.

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Aaron panted, tensing and “twanging” the long string of wetness coming from his cock drool to his hanging tongue or from his tongue down to his cock. Didn’t matter. All that mattered was the long slow stoke of his dong feeding the pool of drool on his fist, then dragging more lines of sticky goodness up to his mouth and fresh drool back to his cock. It was all that existed for him. Edge … edge… edge… …bate…bate…bate. Dong…Bate… Dong… Bate…sooooo gooooooood rhyming in his mind. Feeeeeelssss soooooo guuuuuuud… Closer and closer to the edge, fearing and desiring it at the same time. Wanting to spill over, losing himself in the ecstacy. Knowing the rip tide lapping at his mind will tow him under if he could just cross the threshold. Fuuuuhuck! To always feel like this. To never care about anything but his dong. His long strong kong Dong!!! Never cuming. Just stroking. “My cock controls me. Edge it…Don’t cum> Stroke it… my dong controls me”
“Are you even listening to me”? came a voice from the edge of somewhere? Suddenly, Arron found himself sitting in his managers office, seated upright in a high back leather chair, just as he’s done several times since that weird date three weeks ago

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Not sure how to tie this in to the original story line. Not very sexy or controling. Just dunno!

Conduit was exceeding performance expectations. Sales had never been better, so much so that we decided to go public. Jumping over NASDQ, they went right to an IPO on the NYSE. Unheard of, in the business world.
Yes, my old college buddy, Eli and I were sitting on top of the world. I had everything I had ever wanted; Fame, fortune, success, a grand house with a classic car collection, and in a private room hidden behind a sliding wall of books and bar was my leather collection.
With a resigned sigh, Andrew had to admit he didn’t have everything. There were frequent anonymous or meaningless encounters with few returns. Once conquered, he found little thrill in repeat performances. Someone begging out of fear and surprise was exciting but once that element of surprise was gone, if felt robotic. Redundant, ingenues. He gave and gave and gave. Most would call him the most generous lover, often cumming just from watching the pure enjoyment of his bottoms exaltations. But it was one sided. Andrew gave but no one took him to new places. No one opened him to new experiences. Andrew lacked reciprocal love.
Andrew was a creator or an inventor of sorts. He created jobs and industry. He created networks and social reform. Even in sexual encounters, he opened minds to new thoughts and expanded boundaries. He created… for other people. But, Citing Maimonides, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me”. And so, he set his mind towards what he really wanted: Someone to be for him. He needed to be needed and he needed to need someone. That’s a lot of need going around!
To look at Andrew, one thought of a gentle giant. Standing 200CM and 100kg, he towered over most. He was all man. Playing first start as a Rugby Forward, and an accomplished wrestler and athlete, he was accepted and sought after by all. Truth be known, his looks actually impeded his vocational goals. One look and everyone assumed he was a dumb jock.
Truth was, he was brilliant in business and mathematics as well as engineering and chemistry. He could have been successful in whichever path he chose. But his compassion and sweetness were his greatest gift, which brings us back to his best mate, Eli. Eli was the Enkidu to Andrews Gilgamesh.
They were paired so well. similar interests but Eli was a “David” to Andrew’s Goliath. Where Andrew was all Brawn, Eli was Tight and sinew. Where Andrew was an innovator, Eli was the Sargent marshalling through. Andrew had empathy, a global vision and insight, Eli was simply a follower and a soldier.
Andrew was sitting at his desk looking out on the city. Conduit had just bought an old building along the Clyde where once tenements and the poor were dumped, now there would be industry, jobs and gentrification. Soon, they would begin a new chapter and, as was Andrews way, open themselves to new experiences and opportunities. Everyone benefits. Except Andrew. He was giving and giving yet again.
Lost in his thoughts, Eli approached and lay a hand on his good mate’s shoulder. Andrew looked up with a long but not single tear on his cheek, then down again in embarrassment.
“Oh, my dear friend. Whatever is wrong”? plied Eli. His muscles fatigued by the unrelenting weight of secrecy; Andrew began an earnest sobbing. His chest heaving, he blubbered and lamented: “I am SO tired! I am so Fucking Tired and alone and I can’t stand it anymore”. It all came flooding out of him. “I’m 35 fucking years old. I’m worth just under three billion pounds and I feel empty”.
Andrew understood his friends pain but couldn’t empathise. Like Enkidu, he established his civility and maintained his prowess through sexual conquest. Surely that’s all Andrew needs, is a good lay. Quite sympathetically, Eli turned Andrews chair towards him and kneeled down to look up at his friend. “My dear Andrew. You were never alone. I will always be here with you. Everyone needs intimacy”. Thinking he would take Andrew out and pay someone to spin his world, Andrew misunderstood his friends intention as reciprocal affection.
Cupping Eli’s cheek in his hands, Andrew felt relief. His heart soared and his walls crumbled. Atlas was relieved of the world on his shoulders as he now sobbed tears of Joy. “Oh, Thank God, Eli… I have always loved you, but I was afraid to tell you. I had no idea you felt the same”.
Andrew felt Eli’s jaw tighten. A furious blush appeared as his features became angry. Evil. Venomous. Eli shoved Andrew backwards in his chair jumping up and leaning into the chair only centimetres from Andrews face. “YOU’RE A FAGGOT?! You flaming hypocrite! Pretending to be straight just so you could lust after my body? What, Y…Y…You… used me hoping to make me a sissy too? You Disgust me! You Freaking Fukin Freak” and spat a wet thick wad onto Andrews face, then slapped his face hard enough that Andrew saw stars. Eli stormed out of the office cursing him through the open door to the astounded stares of the office staff.
Andrew fell to his knees sobbing. He was crushed but at the same time, he was free. No more lies. The worst that could happen has happened. True, he was more alone than he had ever been in his life, but his father’s words came to him, as a soft admonition but reassurance: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for what I’m not”.
A week later, Andrew was sitting in his office. He had been sombre since the encounter but felt the need to move on. People and industry depended on him. Opening his email, he saw a message from Eli saying “I resign due to sexual harassment in the workplace. Expect to hear from my attorney. I also expect to receive my normal salary until terms of our PROFESSIONAL separation can be determined”. Then signed curtly. “Mr. Elias Walthingham, esq”. The suffix, ESQ. was laughable and were they still friends, Andrew would indeed laugh. Eli’s father was a lorry driver and Eli held only a simple Bachelor’s degree in business administration, with a barely passing grade at that!.

Furious and hurt and in pain and rage, Andrew went to his liquor cabinet and poured himself a Yamazaki Whiskey. It was £2000 per bottle, so not quite the ideal liquor to drown one’s sorrow in but it was there. Andrew poured himself a strong one when one of his business associates and good friend, Eric, walked in with only a single tap on the door and not waiting for an “Enter”. Seeing the glass in Andrews hand and the mask of conflicted emotions, Dr. Eric Levin merely voiced a muted, “Oh dear”.

To save time, as you would expect, Andrew told his good friend everything that had happened. Eric was a well known human resources manager. Retired from Psychotherapy, he used his skills to best match candidates to their positions. Little did Andrew know that (predictably, yes) his psychotherapy position was with the United States Government Prisoner Interrogation and conversion programme.

Knowing how important Eli was to Andrew and integral Andrew was to the corporation and, quite genuinely, to society, Eric decided to intervene. He gently took the bottle of expensive Whiskey from Andrews trembling hands and announced he would be back tomorrow but for now, Andrew allowed Eric to drive him home.

Of course, Andrew did not sleep at all well. Tired and emotionally exhausted, he drove to work. It was a Wednesday and after the mandatory paper signing and tedious calls he announced to his Secretary and first staffer that he would be taking Thursday and Friday off and wished them a good weekend, and to “Call if you need me”. His faithful and sympathetic staff watched him laboriously drag himself towards the lift. They truly cared for this man. Truth is, some secretly lusted for him as well; male and female.

Monday rolled around and to be honest, Andrew did feel marginally better. Frequent talks with his friends who had of course heard from Eli but sided with Andrew expressing their continued friendship and admiration for his strength of character to come out after so many years. Reassured that the world wasn’t going to end, Andrew started his day. His staffers all breathed a sigh of relief. Some had made him lunches, some brought treats, all were relieved to see a glimmer of the kind man they all knew and admired.

Andrews secretary buzzed the intercom to let Andrew know that Dr Levin was on the phone. Andrew greeted his friend with a genuine thanks for his support over the last two weeks. Eric dismissed it most graciously and asked if he could come around this coming Saturday; he had a surprise for Andrew. “Make sure the dungeon is well dusted” he chided. Andrew said he didn’t think he would be ready for intimacy for some time, but Eric said “Nonsense…see you at 11”. And hung up

The week passed and to the outside world, all was normal. True, Andrew was still hurting but he found the pain turn to anger and a wee bit of embarrassment. But 11:00 rolled around. Andrew had resolved to let Eric know he was tired but would let his friend make full use of his facilities while he retired upstairs.

The signal from the gate indicated they had arrived, so Andrew buzzed them in. Andrew was stunned to see Eli staring up and to the right with Eric’s hand on his right shoulder. “Eli” Eric said, “Daddy’s home”. Eli’s head turned so slowly to rest upon Andrews face and Eli’s face turned from dull to surprise to delight. He trembled slightly as tears welled up in his eyes and a smile grew nascently on his face.

Andrew was gobsmacked. Eric stepped in the open doorway pulling Eli tightly into himself, fearing the loss of his beautiful Daddy, who was staring at Eric over Eli’s shoulder.

“Eric… what is the meaning of this? Why on earth have you brought him here”? Eli looked rejected. Terrified. Love lost. He dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around Andrews waist. He leaned his face into Andrews pants breathing in his scent which drove him into ecstasy. The more he inhaled, the tighter he held Andrew. Andrew, for his part, kept looking down at Eli then back up to Eric then down at Eli and back and forth in shock.

“Eric”, he gasped, partially from shock but partially from finally having Eli’s hot breath on my clothed groin. “What is going on”? Eric, pushed past me, chucking, saying, “You’re welcome, and yes, I would like to come in”. I shook my head and half dragged Eli clinging to my leg like a dog trying to hump.

Eric spoke: “Eli came to me, rambling on about how you tried to play him and how you betrayed his trust and all sorts of rubbish. I might have accidentally dribbled some drops of a top-secret compound in his drink, purely accidental, of course. When he had calmed down, I was able to ask him some very important questions. For example, did you know he was quite the bully at his primary school”?

Andrew responded, “I had rather suspected as much. He was bullish and too self certain, but he never seemed so around me”. Eric continued; “He used to beat up homosexuals for fun and anger management. He also revealed to me why he hated gays so much. Guess whose religiously preoccupied father used to rape him then beat him for seducing a man of god”.

Andrew was Gob-smacked. “I had no idea… Oh, the poor boy…”. Eric looked at Andrew in disbelief. Was he shocked that Andrew had such compassion for mankind or was he locked in a loop of self denial? Eric said, “He chose to hurt and punish rather than deal with self disclosure, and you pity him”?

Andrew paused for a moment and said, matter of factly, “I’ve loved Eli for years. I’ve only seen the good parts of him so I’m rather biased. He never gave me an indication he was bigoted…. Now I feel even more the fool”.

Eric considered Andrew for a moment, allowing him to think about his feelings and said: “My programming had nothing to do with mind control. I let Eli experience all of his hurt and pain, then release it. I caused him to remember your relationships. There were no manoepulations or deceptions. I Cleaned the Johari windows that only you could see and what he wanted you to see”.

Eric handed Andrew the ¾ full bottle of Yamazaki Whisky. “This is no longer for public consumption. What was left of the Government drug is in there. One shot; two if they’re strong willed, and the consumer will be permanently under your control. I was going to keep it but after what I’ve seen, I think I trust you as much, if not more, than myself.

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LOL… Well that was a bust. Good try though

a bust… so far

I mean, fishing is technically a failure, all the way up until you land one.

That was in a fortune cookie I ate just the other day!!! OMG


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Thought I’d check. Nada. Nothing,. Zip… Zilch…
(Sighs heavily. Closes door. Doesn’t bother locking it… no one comes in anyways).