Approval Backlog

Hi Guys,

a friend ( @Arcturus) of mine and I can see, that approvals are taking much longer than expected. Also reqeust to admin (be reply to publish notification) are missing a reaction.

Do you need help in your team? Can we (the authors) do anything to make it easier for you?


currently there’s a lot going on in the background. The team is not really in any working order right now.

I appreciate and welcome your willingness to help, but it’s no longer up to me to decide who’s on the team and who isn’t.

But I’m sure the team has read your application, and I’m sure they’ll get back to you.

Bye, Martin

Oh, I … thanks for this Information :scream:

Means “Bye” you will be out of all, now?

There was a backlog for a while, and there still is, but we are nearly caught up, stories published on march 5th are the next round of stories to be approved. There are also some stories with publishing dates in April I believe, so those will take a backseat.

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