AUTHOR QUESTION: Your Own Favorite

If you’ve written multiple stories or chapters, you probably have a rough idea of what readers have as their favorites of your stories. But what’s YOUR favorite story of the things you’ve written? Maybe not favorite overall—hard to do—but a story, chapter, passage that does something you enjoy/are proud of. What do you like about it, and why?

Be sure to provide a link to the story so we can see if we agree. :slight_smile:


Okay, I’m probably gonna get yelled at for choosing two, but the ones that I’ve always liked the most are:

  • Truth Be Told - Evan - I really enjoyed the challenge of Tom telling Evan that he should perceive everything done to him as tender and romantic, and then writing it exactly that way even when Evan’s watching the same thing done to his brother and thinking it’s very BDSM-y.
  • Like Son, Like Father - This series was fairly early in my career, if you want to call it that, and is objectively less well written than my later stuff (in particular, the last chapter which badly needs a rewrite). But what I liked about it was how I really focused on the day-to-day stuff, and fleshed out the characters and what was going on in their lives, rather than jumping from sex scene to sex scene, which I know can be one of my weaknesses sometimes (when I’m not accidentally writing a story with no sex at all…but I won’t add a third bullet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

Is it okay if I say my favourite is the story I’m working on right now? (And can we talk about that mindset?)

If I had to pick from stories I’d already posted, I’d have two as well. I’ve chosen both for ‘hits all my kinks and makes me want to read it again and again’ and ‘is a high-concept story that represented an elevation of my writing chops’.

  • Pheromones and the Boys Who Don’t Want Them was a oneshot about an intersex guy with sex pheromones who falls in love with a demisexual guy that isn’t affected by them. I felt like I was able to intertwine this deep, heart-breaking need for love with really kinky pheromone-fuelled sex scenes, and my ultimate goal is to infuse my smut stories with emotion without losing track of the hotness and wank-worthiness.

  • Curse of the Werebull was a corruption/transformation story that elevated my ability to communicate atmosphere, both erotic and otherwise, through prose and description. It felt incredibly sexy without needing sex scenes (until the end) and the characters came alive as I wrote them. I reread it as regularly as I do Pheromones.

(My highest accomplishment in ‘emotion + smut’ is not in this list because it’s not as actively kinky as these others. Not that I don’t find it hot and rereadable, just not as heavy a hitter as these two.)


The story I’m proudest of is “Fish”. Someone on the site didn’t like my rules about underage characters and was really pissy about it, despite me trying to work with them and even allowing them to write and post a story about how they felt about it and me and my rules. After all that, I felt very much like this is why we can’t have nice things. This inspired me to plot/put together Fish, a story where friends get a wish granting amulet as long as they all agree, and one friend ruins it for all of them because he can’t get everything he wants.

Cheating, and talking about two stories, the one I revisit the most often is Trouble Maker. It was started by another writer and the obliviousness of the narrator character, while everyone around him is retroactively becoming super studs, just really does it for me.


I’m tempted to shout out some of my earlier work, but like others have said, I think my writing has gotten better over the years. Some of my early stories might be my favorite concepts, but the execution wasn’t quite up to par.

To pick just one and not ‘smuggle’ as the House of R podcast would say, I would pick:

  • Copy and Paste: A three-chapter short story where two gay men enter a consensual D/s relationship… and then accidentally copy the submissive’s (Jacob’s) devotion to his Dom (Simon) onto two of Jacob’s straight friends. The first two chapters have essentially zero mind-control elements, but it really helped me flesh out the characters and define what a healthy (in my mind) D/s relationship looks like, and why someone would want to be in one. Of course, that is all set up for the last chapter (Ctrl+V), where, after experiencing the intoxicating devotion Jacob has for his Simon via an experimental brain-link, two formerly straight wrestlers decide they want to be good subs too, and all three of the subs experience every physical sensation the others feel while they participate in a fun little orgy.

If you want to skip straight to the spiral stuff, you can just read the Chapter 3: Ctrl+V by itself, but I do think the earlier chapters have some decent sex and D/s scenes even without an explicit mind control element.

Also, I am definitely bookmarking this thread so I can read some of my favorite author’s personal favorites they have written. Great topic idea.


The story I’m proudest of is also the one that probably got the most enthusiastic reactions. What I like is that it turned out to be emotionally satisfying for readers and just worked as a well-structured story:

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I loved that story when I read it too, because it had a satisfying story ending :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting question to answer, because there’s different ones of mine I like for different reasons, and some which I’d forgotten about until going back through the list.

It’s not my best in terms of writing quality or execution, but I think out of them all XXX-Ray Specs is my favourite.

It is not particularly high-concept, and for a lot of people might even be disappointing with how it effectively skips to the end result (and back again), so not much in terms of induction. But I really liked the effect it gave, and I remember it was a lot of fun to write.

Mine are the following.

The last story of my “classic” period, written in 2002:
The Berries

The story I wrote during my hiatus of 17 years (apart from a reimagining of The Bus Episode) and published in 2019.
The Lexington Bed & Breakfast

A story where I went more experimental
The Lawyer’s True Name

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I don’t expect people to read a 35,000 word saga to see if they agree, but Monster Act.

I wrote it in a fervent few weeks — it wrote itself really. I love it and I love the characters in it. My abilities as a writer is still… getting there, but, c’est la vie, I’m still growing.
Maybe in the future I rewrite it PG-13 version, and commission a graphic novel of it.

I like all my stories; there are a few that bug/embarrass me but I wouldn’t write them–or keep them published–if there wasn’t something in them that I enjoyed.

That being said, my favorite part of writing smut is managing to capture the personalities of different kinds of men and play out how they might react to the experience of turning gay and then loving it. The two (since everyone else chose two) that tend to be most satisfying for me in that regard are The Christmas Stone, where a guy magically gains the power to become the dude the men around him are fantasizing about; and Big Bro Quarantine, where a guy’s older brother comes to stay with him during the COVID lockdowns and slowly hypnotizes him over the course of a couple of days.

In both of these stories, I feel like there’s a nice balance of the magical elements being compelling and well-contained, the sex being more or less smoldery, and the characters’ reactions and interactions being fresh and fun to experience. A lot of my other stories, I know where I’ve cheated or where an element has kind of outgrown the shape of the story, but those two tend to be pretty consistently charming when I reread them.

I like most of what I’ve done…but I’ve been working on a series of stories for a few months that I just started putting up based on a character I didn’t know much about until January. The hero in question has a pretty screwed up life and it fit perfect for a mind control story. The poor hero just wants people to like him! He’s got enough issues with self worth from his father’s abuse that it almost makes you NOT want to mess with him!

Chat Noir - My New Best Friend

My other favorite is the last one I actually was brave enough to put up where a kid finds out he can control someone with just his voice after turning eighteen.

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