Automatic Fetish Randomizer

I used to post a lot of stuff a long time ago but haven’t recently. A while back I made an excel file that takes a bunch of variables organized into 11 columns and then randomizes one result from each column to create a randomized prompt for a change.

For example this is one random result:
Reality change, Straight, Fleeting awareness, Terrible, Personality change, Lose, Height, Dick - 4in, DP, Living Dildo, Puppy Play

It is an always expanding list. I populated it with as many options as I could think of that would be useful though many of them I personally do not like but wanted it to be a complete option. what it lacks is weighted results, such as if a bunch of variables are similar it would outweigh any other single variable.

Anyway… if this something people are interested in I’ll post a link below.

I like this site and if this means more things posted I am happy to share

Sounds intrguing. Why don’t you st go ahead and post it, or how exactly should it be used?

Edited to share the link, i left the document editable so people can use it. lets see how long it lasts before someone starts messing with it. if you have more kinks you want added or suggestions just pm me so i can add it and update the scripts.

That would be an excellent idea for a story. You should post it in the STORIES WE’D LIKE TO SEE. Imagine a Fetish night raffle at the bar. Your ticket and prize is your new fetish. For every top fetish, there’s a bottom winner as well

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