Barber Stories

Are any other readers into barber to shaving stories? I want to write a piece incorporating a barber shop and transformation, but I’m a bit stuck on terminology.

I am kind of a fan of the shaving ones, especially as someone that abhors facial hair on my subjects. There’s a two story sequence on the site called “Like Mike” which is a pretty good example of this genre IMO.

I’ve got a story over on CYOC that centers around a former Marine who owns a barbershop and can transform people. In that one I don’t really go into too much terminology; I do use haircut styles (flat top, high and tight, etc.) but nothing more. Don’t overdo it. You don’t have to be narrowly specific; you only need to give enough details to create the picture in the reader’s mind. So you don’t necessarily have to describe blades, clippers, and guards; just give enough details (and verbs describing the actions the barber is taking can do a lot of work in this kind of story) that the reader can understatnd and imagine the picutre of your words. If you’re still unsure, you might want to check out The Haircut Story website and read how authors on that site work with barbers and haircuts.

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Thank you, Sir, for the advice. It’s helpful to be reminded to not get bigger down in too many minute details.

Just wanted to mention that, yes! Love barbershop transformation stories. I’m rationing the chapters of Barber’s Choice by flattop. Here in SF there are barbers in the leather scene, and I actually explained my kink to one of them and asked if he wouldn’t mind murmuring suggestions into my ear while I got my bi-weekly cut. Barber’s choice, heh. His eyes brightened and he said he wanted to learn more about hypnosis (sometimes it feels like everyone in this city does, at least if I bring it up), but it never really gelled before he moved to Palm Springs.

Anyway. Something about the masculine atmosphere, the odd kind of intimacy, and (if you’re like me and rely on the barber’s judgement choosing a style that works), the handing yourself over to him to literally (if only mildly) transform you… Yeah that’s boner material. Didn’t hurt that he was hot. :wink: