Best gayspiral magic/science physical transformations

I know theres a filter for transformation stories but figured id ask here too in case theres good ones i might accidentally overlook

More then the sex my favorite thing about these stories are the physical descriptions. Paragraphs of skinny guys turning into beefcakes, cock growth, turning into a biker or something, mental transformations etc. Preferably these are ones that occur due to magical or scientific means., chasing unnaturally fast changes.

Do any of you guys have any favorites / know of any that are like this? “Hoodie” is one i really enjoy thats a slow burn, but quicker tfs are good too as long as they arent just “i woke up completely different” or “poof instant change” transformstions. Thanks!

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There are a lot of them! But this is definitely one of my most favorite of favorites.

It’s so so good.


I like all the stories by rubrsome though brood is probably the best tf wise.

  • Texzilla’s “Jekyll gene” stories
  • “Nubian transformations”

These might be on nifty or

It’s probably uncouth to point you to a story I wrote myself, but I share your interest in stories that really dig into how it would FEEL to transform, and try to put my character through the paces of inhabiting a broad array of body types through the story. Hope this might be some of what you’re looking for!

Hey Befan2,

I just came across your post at the head of this thread. I like transformations, too – some better than others. Maybe or maybe not . . . might some of the series I’ve written be to you taste. They all deal with transformations that are not sought after by the one being changed, even struggled against by that protagonist in the story. Here’s the link in case you want to check to see if they are to your liking. (Don’t feel obliged to get back to me, but I would like feedback either way – i.e., you like them / you don’t care for them. The link follows.)