Branching & Interactive Series

It is possible to create a series of stories with branches to allow for alternative story lines. This way the author can explore alternative routes in his story or even ask the readers, which paths they want him to explore.

Also, when combined with the “Community Story” feature, you can team up with other people who’d like to explore different paths through your scenario.

Presentation of branching stories

Looking at a series that includes branches (like The Grandfather’s Gift - Gay Kinky Stories or Ass Assassin, Round 2 - Gay Kinky Stories) you will get a view like this:

At any point where there are alternative succeeding chapters, a “Story Branches” selection shows up so the reader can easily explore each path by simply clicking one of that path buttons. Then the follow up chapters will be listed below.

Also, after when reading a chapter, the reader gets the option to choose the path he wants to continue to read:

Creating a series with alternative routes

The easiest way to add an alternative path is to open the chapter which you want to create an alternative follow-up for. Find the “Add Chapter” button at the top:

Of course, this will only show up if you’re the author of that story or it has been marked as a Community Story.

On the Story Submission screen, the fields “Series Name” and “Previous Chapter” will be prefilled for you accordingly:

Of course, you can always start the Story Submission from the main menu and fill these fields yourself.

Note that the “Previous Chapter” selection only works once you’ve selected a series in “Series Name” you’re allowed to contribute to. The selection also prevents you from selecting a chapter that would cause a loop in the chapter flow.

That’s it! I hope there’ll be many more branching and interactive stories on our sites!


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