Cartoons or comics or stories where the bad guy wins

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I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for stories where the villain wins relatively thoroughly through the use of mind control? I’m looking specifically for stuff where the bad guy wins through some kind of mass enslavement. Where friends turn on friends because they’re brainwashed into wanting to serve the bad guy. Cartoons, comics or stories, gay or straight, but where it’s many people affected.

There are two episodes of Bionic Six, a cartoon from the 80s I love. One where one of the secondary villains Madame O gets a magic harp which makes everyone worship her and she takes over the world. Another episode, Scarab (the main villain) does something and everyone obeys him (can’t remember the exact details).

A different cartoon I loved is one of the GIJoe episodes (maybe mid 90s) where Inferno gets a mesmerizing device and uses it to take over the world. The other bad guys all worship him and for a few seconds, the rest of the world does.

In comics, I loved the Classic X-men story where Mesmero brainwashed the X-men. Pretty much any Mesmero comic gets my attention.

Ultimate Fantastic Four, Thanos gets a cosmic cube and makes the world over with everyone serving him.

Buffy had an episode where one of the nerds, Jonathon I think, is the coolest guy ever through some magic.

The Mindsword, by Fred Saberhagen, has an idiot use the Mindsword and everyone fawns over him and obeys him throughout the story, and keeps telling him he should use the Mindsword more to get more slaves. There are two other Sword stories where a villain uses the sword to mass enslave a lot of people at once, even people that would have fought him to the death before they were enslaved. After, they’re happy to serve.

Anyone have any similar recs? I didn’t watch a lot of cartoons from the late 90s on, so am wondering if I missed anything.

I did look back over older posts, but they seem to be mostly about hypnosis and I’m more interested in mass, instant mind control and the bad person winning, as opposed to the induction sequence. Having the bad guy win and gloat about it to anyone he feels like, and his listeners will be happy he won because they’re mindfucked, is what I’m looking for.


@Blazargus’ recent series ‘The Training of Duty Boy’ by Blazargus - Gay Kinky Stories immediately pops into my mind.

It’s not a perfect match, and it’s a ‘huge’ read, but especially the “bad” endings fit your requirements.

Personally, I really like the dynamics between Nick and Henry, that ticks almost all of my buttons, but thread around the villain, Tri-Hard, even though it fits your requirements, is doing much less for me, probably because I just don’t like the bad guys to get to win :slight_smile:


Figures you like this kind of story… Isn’t “Troublemaker” this plot line? Any way, I remember in the 90’s DC’s big summer storyline was Eclipso takes over many of the superheros. Too bad it kind of fizzled at the ending.

King Craftsman has an excellent story “Nighty night Flash” i have archived at

On a singular level, Batman comics had Venom in the 90s, that caused muscle growth in Batman, and others, but also controlled him in some way. The chemical Venom is what led to the creation of Bane.

There was this comic I read where a scientist changed Jimmy Olsen into a cave man. It was very hot, maybe from the 70’s

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You might like to try my KING REX series.


Or even THE NEW SUPERMEN. The bad guy doesn’t win, but darn close…


I’ve revisited King Rex numerous times :slight_smile: It’s definitely one of my favorite stories.

I don’t think I read the New Supermen. I will check it out. Thanks!

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KING REX was my first attempt at fanfic – though I was afraid to use “Superman” “Batman” etc, so I tried to be clever. I would love to see that adapted into a comic.

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Dr Scarab used some weird beam that attunes everyone on Earth to love him. People with Bionics and robots are unaffected. He is defeated in the second part.

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