Celebrities with a hypno-fetish

So I was listening to one of Jinkx Monsoon’s podcast episodes where she had Joel Kim as a guest. Almost none of the interview has anything to do with this site, you see, except for the moment when Jinkx asks the comedian for his favorite porn scene of all time. The answer got me completely by surprise since I was expecting some random gay porn movie I’d know nothing about. Yet, the tittle he mentions in his answer felt quite familiar:

“I think one of my favorite scenes probably is ‘Aspen gets hypnotized’”

You can imagine he got me at full attention right then. Was this super cute and fairly well-known actor not only referring to one of my favorite porn movies but also mentioning something as niche in porn as hypnosis? And if there was a chance of him talking about that scene because of his fascination towards Aspen rather than the hypnosis part, he clears any possible doubt by adding:

“I’m really into hypnotism in porn. I think it’s so hot.”

Too bad it’s at the end of the interview and Jinkx doesn’t let him go into detail. I would’ve loved to hear someone openly having a conversation about how hot hypnotism is for them, and specially someone many people know from TV and stand-up comedy. Although for some reason just hearing him say “Aspen gets hypnotized” made me feel very happy.

So, has anything similar ever happened to you? Do you think celebrities should be more open about their kinks? Do you know any other famous person that’s into one of your most favorite fetishes?


Maybe not exactly famous, but I had the lead writer from a popular gaming company write me once to tell me how hot he thought my stories were. Sent me a pic of himself naked, which was more than welcome, cuz he was hot. I won’t say his name, though, cuz while he’s openly gay, I don’t know if he was out about his hypnosis fetish.


Amazing find. I’ve been crushing on Joel Kim Booster for a couple years now and this revelation has me very excited, to say the least. Can’t say that I’ve come across anything else like this in the wild, but you’ve made my day.

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Well, it’s a lot better than those videos with the balding guy in the cap whose idea of sexiness is asking his subjects to cluck like chickens and touching their chests. :wink:


I’m jealous!

Does this lead writer use GSS, too? That would make me really happy?

I don’t remember if he said it was here or MC Stories that he used. It had to be one or the other, though, cuz I don’t publish anywhere else.

Edit: I just found an old message, and unfortunately, it’s MC Stories.

That’s so cool! I love the fact that someone in the gaming industry, specially someone who’s in charge of the writing part, has a major kink for MC. Well, at least big enough to e-mail you and send you nudes anyway :wink: I like the idea of him sneaking hints of hypnosis and mind control here and there, even encouraging the addition of MC subplots in AAA games. A little bit like easter eggs for us to find.

He’s a cutie and a hottie, and I’m happy that this new info about him made you happy :smile:

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