Cigar men roll call

I have some.
(I hope these have aged OK)


Do you keep them in a humidor?

I’m not personally into cigars (lifelong asthma). But it’s a recurring theme at Tickle Monster Zone, which is mainly nonconsensual male tickling by invisible creatures. Very often, they force tickle victims to smoke during rest breaks and even do things to give non-smokers overpowering nicotine cravings as a way to heighten the torture. Probably not for everybody as it’s a fairly odd premise for porn, but just tossing it out. In fact, looking back over it, smoking is so prevalent that there’s a story code for "no forced smoking!

The best story that involves smoking is Amusing Zeke.

@kb57z if you’ve got more than a few, get a humidor. Otherwise a quality ziplock bag should do good for a few weeks. buzz me if you have other questions

I have read a story on the archive of malrstromx of a cigar bear turning a boy into a pipe in one story and a cigar in another. There’s also Cigar Monitor where people are turned into cigar smokers and one dude refuses at a checkpoint to smoke and is turned into a 6 foot cigar temporarily.


Pipe and cigar smoker here.


Very nice. What did you start first, what got you into both?

Link if you can. I find that subject fascinating, could never find examples (so I had to write some!)

Here’s cigar boy:
And pipe boy:

I didn’t realize that when I posted the description above it was already referenced to the cigar boy above before me lol, but here you go.


I also wrote a new one
(pipe TF)

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I found this to be really hot and awesome. Pipe’s aren’t my usual, but I really enjoyed reading this. Great work.

Thanks :wink:

Pretty new here but definitely have a cigar interest, if not just admiring. Never tried a cigar or pipe, have one or two encounters with cigar men and know it is definitely a thing for me. The idea of being turned into a cigar boy is definitely hot to me.


Pretty new here and big cigar man too


Cigars are sexy as hell when smiked by a strong man. We need more cigar doms on here.


I enjoy a good fat cigar especially with an older dominant man!

He’s been active on Patreon. Last update was October I believe.