Coding for the site

What programming and scripting languages are used for the sites?

When he started the site in 2015, Hugh chose to use a Java/Groovy based framework called Grails for the backend and server-side page rendering. And on the client side, it’s heavily augmented with jQuery, the UI itself is based on Bootstrap.

What exactly do you have in mind?

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I don’t really have anything in mind. I was mostly just curious.

Do you have tickets for small contributions and bug fixes that the community can help out with? Something of low commitment?

No, not right now. Managing change requests and quality control is a headache in itself.

If the project becomes so large that I can’t handle it any longer myself, I’d have to install sth like this, but then we’d also need a person responsible for checking and merging all contributions.

I appreciate your offer, though. Maybe I’ll open the GitLabs repository for other people to have a look, if anyone is interested. I’m a bit reluctant, though, as that would also open us to potential attacks…

You def want to be careful with that. The problem you described was recently part of a huge conversation in the dev community.

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