Martin, I think you’re killing it with the site. I love all of the changes and big things you’ve done (like adding this forum) but also all the little things you’ve done (emailing authors when someone comments on their story, allowing them to filter comments to just their stories, and tons more).

(It feels really weird to be doing this…)

Entering comments on my iPhone is difficult now :frowning: The text entry field is doing something that turns off all auto-text operations, so I don’t get auto-spell correct or first letter of sentence capitalization. Which means when I put a comment in, I have to keep going back and forth over it to fix stuff because I keep forgetting and assume it will all get fixed.

It’s a pretty minor thing. If it never gets fixed, I’ll still live and still continue to read the site :slight_smile:

(I would’ve emailed you direct, but am posting it here because I’m wondering if anyone else noticed this or cared).

Thanks again for all you do. You’re amazing.

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Yeah, I’ve just added a comment to a story with my phone myself a couple of days ago, and I realized that it’s not really smooth.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention, too. I’ll look into that. I’m using an open source WYSIWYG editor, of course, and I’m not sure how much influence I have on that. But maybe some options can help. If all fails, I’ll have to remove the fancy text formatting buttons … :frowning:

It’s really becoming an issue, that browser features are colliding with web functionality. For example, you just cannot disable the “type-ahead” feature of Chrome, no matter what. Even if it conflicts with your own type-ahead feature - like the one in the “Add Story” dialog for the series title. Grrrr…

Anyway, you know that I’ll always be honored to be allowed to continue your site. I’m still amazed how much work you put into it to build everything from scratch. I love tinkering, so adding all those things was pure fun for me (well, mostly… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And nothing pleases me more than that you’re happy with it.

So keep your critiques, requests and comments coming (all of you)!


Just chiming in. I love the ‘filter to just my comments’ button. And the stats. And most importantly the big set of readers you’ve provided a home to. Thanks for doin’ it all Martin.

  • Derek

I’ve made the new editor optional now, see the “Site update” thread.

I hope, that’ll resolve any issue with adding comments and stories. And Apple really should make their browser more compatible!

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