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Howdy Hunks,
I have an idea :bulb: one I have yet to cum across in the community. I will preface this as a post yet after I present the primary print on the page to preview - I’d then prefer my other (perverted/piggy/popperbating) peers to provide the remaining pieces of this project… I wish to watch this worded way of work turn into a wankers wonderland. Here’s what I have…

A nerdy new guy has arrived in an area where only a single family member is located. Being the brains of the bunch before wasn’t always the best… So he sees this situation as a solution to his severely stoic social status. A week after his arrival the
Adventure-seeking adolescent readies himself to roam the area. Upon his gate he finds a gadget shoved into a steel slot with a “Greetings Geek,” scratched in green Goo along the side. He frees the fixture from the frame it had been brutishly buried into…
Uneventful until he returns (a spot to reveal the studly structure of the subject {by photo and print} thus summoning sexy sights in the readers realm).
Back at home the boy remembers the (what he reasoned was) ruined rubble and rapidly releases it into the recycling receptacle. The day depletes.
In the darkness of the dawn the domineering kin of the nerd readies the recycling and retrieves the device once he discovered it. He nabs the neglected hardware not noticing the notches that inscribed the note to the nerd, and nodded as he now completed the chore and called it good. The kin (Uncle, Cousin, Brother, etc) tosses the thing upon a tee-shirt and takes off to target the tests of the day.
The nerd, doesn’t notice the device as he does another day of dismal deeds.
The kin returns home and readies to relax in his routine attire: his tee-shirt (the one the unit was upon) and his silky shorts (no undies). Which is when he whips the wonder away from his wares and witnesses it wildly wonder across the hardwood floor. The Gooey greeting was gone (unbeknownst to the kin) as he grasped the gizmo to get it off the ground. The slimey solution had slid onto the shirt and was shielded from sight. Yet him having now taken hold of the technological token (to his horror) a tangle of tingling trekked throughout the tee. Moments later a prominent masculine musk would periodically mist into the parlor in which he preferred to place his presence. A methodic mixture of the previous gooey particles (now a pathway of pebbles pasted to his pecs, needlessly pumping his network of nerves with pure pleasure) and the perspiration he progressively produced as he plundered into a puzzled panic.
This all coaxes the kin to carefully uncover the crack in the casing which unveiled a plug that used a USB port. The kin connects the contraption to his computer and is captivated with the contents now cascading in colorful patterns on his PC - all programed to corrupt the kin to his Core.
As the dawn delivers the day the device is dropped into its new dwelling - into the nerd’s napsack. Waddling off to work without a worry to wonder - the kin willfully wanders away.
The nerd - never wavering - nears a wildly-wet, noticeably-neglected, never-utilized cave. Cradled inside a cracked cove in the corner of the isle he inhabited, was a crater completely dry and welcoming. Deciding to descend into the dim but not damp dwelling, the geek gained a profound place to peacefully prowl as the day dutifully depleted.
The night nudged the nerd to nimbly trek the neighborhood and the town’s terrain. Now as the need for nourishment naturally nagged -a troubling tension thickened while he trotted to his target. As the noises of the night transpired he noticed that he was neglecting the negotiations he tailored triumphantly while talking about tardiness with his kin. The table was set, as he was aware of the time that took place, and he pictured his kin patiently awaiting his presence…
The house, however, is swimming in silhouettes as he surmounts the hurdles inbedded in the haste he had to have to come home. Unique and unsettling were the ways his wondering worries went while unzipping his wares and wrapping his hand upon an unfamiliar USB…
Simply shrugging off the surprising scenario the nerd steps into the structure and is struck with a superior scent. Sounds were seeping into the nerd’s mindset and started moving him slowly - step by step - into a maze of subliminals.
Entering the Entertainment area the nerd notices a network of enriched colors endlessly enthralling his nuances - spiraling, and surrounding the surface of the screen. Movies is all this monitor was marked to display - mandated by his kin - mentioned as he moved in with this macho man. Flustered and frazzled the recollections reeled in a rage, yet it faded into fascination as he routinely floundered into the resplendent fixtures framed right in front of him.
His kin witnessed the way his younger family member wanted to worry about the abstract actions that washed upon him wishing to absorb him acutely. The elder member’s desires deepen, in which he decides to close the curtains completely closed. The musk maneuvering more with the motion - making his masculinity maximize - manufacturing a manly-macho mode that would mold his mind more and more. The scent started swallowing him, the shifting screen suggested he sway where he stood, sweet-seductive statements were spoken to him with a softness which woke his senses that then wondrously wavered. Shivering sensations suggesting that he simply submit into the sublime symphony of sounds that strive to supply a surreal sense of seduction surrounding your surrendering… His kin kindly guides the geek to the comforting coziness of the couch.

So yeah. Don’t want to spoil the show, ya know. So I obviously have some more to create and convey to the community…
Before I do so - I wanted to see what sexy scenarios does this idea summon in your mindset that you’d like to see set in a story?

Plots that can be produced by these parts of previewed piece.
^The USB can directly download the dominating program that is depicted. Can also be copied.
^Who sent the USB? Why?
^What to what extend is the Goo involved? Did it derive from a different dominant force?
^Will the system takeover spread with each individual or will it make the nerd and his kin’s home thier main base?
^Can a concoction be created to counteract the corruption? If so who could control it while being conducive?
^Can cum and the closeness of the characters choosing to currupt others come into calculations?
^And last but not least - The cave/cove the nerd discovered, any chance it could be coaxed or channeled to change the outcome of a character?

Lemme know with some creative-constructive-considerate comments. I look forward to chatting with this charming community about this content so please and thank you for all contributions.

Hello :slight_smile:

Sooo I am not entirely sure what is going on here. Your writing is very poetic, so much so that I somewhat loose the structure of what is going on.

BUT, that said, the idea of a mysterious artifact (be it USB or computer tablet or something else in form) being able to interface with people, things, and the world and make changes is a very hot idea to me. It is an idea that I have loved for years, ever since I first discovered the whole Master PC story concept.

But yeah, a nerdy guy returning home to the small town in the middle of nowhere that his family calls home is interesting. Him finding an object as he returns home is also intriguing. Him attuning to said item and learning that it can give him great power over both himself and others is amazing. Him using that power to dominate first his family and then others in the community, and then maybe expanding it outward would be fun.

The idea that item uses ooze as a material to expend its control is interesting and thought provoking.

So maybe upon returning home he takes time to run in the local woods where he uncovers signs that something crashed. Upon investigating the object he notices a small pocket space where some sort of ooze is present, he touches the ooze, feels a sharp sensation but doesn’t notice much else. Later on he is sitting in the room when images appear over his vision - images with the words ‘initiating System’ and then ‘attuning to user’ and ‘designating user as primary’. From this he gains access to certain traits and features, features that let him enhance himself. He then learns if he lets the ‘ooze’ attune to others he can use it to effect them. His family is first, which sees him having lots of fun.

Oooh, what a sexy idea this is. hehe

The basic idea - a guy interfacing with a USB device - is very intriguing and potentially very hot. It is totally my subjective opinion, but the baroque writing makes it really difficult to read and understand what’s going on. Strunk advises to aim for simplicity. I agree.