Community Series?

If I were to turn Mad Science Rubberwear into a community series, would anyone be interested in adding to it? There were some requests for an epilogue, and I’ve taken several stabs at it and I’m not satisfied with how any of them were developing.

I feel like I’ve lost my sense of direction and written myself into a corner. Like, all of the last chapter may have been a mistake. At the time, it seemed like the right way to go, but in retrospect, I think I might have done something very different if I hadn’t been in such a rush to get my thoughts written down and posted.

I originally intended to have chapter one be a standalone story. Then I got stuck at home with Covid and decided to tie several other ideas into the same world while I had the time. That led to a different tone in the other chapters, and a scattered approach to the story in general. But at that point I felt committed. As I reread what I wrote, I realized I was heavily influenced by the first gay fiction I ever read over 20 years ago: Topaz172’s ‘Various Techniques’ and ‘Talon’s Claws.’ Those stories are like the Elder Statesman of gay erotic fiction for me, and I think trying to walk in his footsteps was a mistake, but what’s done is done.

Now, I’d like to change direction again and make one (or maybe all) of the characters into a new villain, because everyone loves a kinky villain. But I’ve kind of run out of steam on this story. I may not be able to do what I want in any reasonable timeframe. By the time I find my inspiration, I’m afraid it won’t feel relevant any more.

On the other hand, it would be a lot of fun to let others play with my toys and see what comes of it.

So, is anyone interested? If I open it up as a community series and no one ever touches it again, that would just be sad, so I’d like to put out feelers first.

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I have to be honest, I thought the first chapter was truly mind-blowing and I thought it was really hard to top that in any way (for me!).

But I still enjoyed all of the subsequent chapters!

One tip: If you write a forum posting about a story or series, it’s better to include a direct link. Most people won’t remember the title and wouldn’t search for it. But if they see the summary and tags, they’ll remember it.

As for that last chapter being a mistake - you can always scrap it. Or just see it as one of many possible continuations. You can always create a whole different course of events that ignore that chapter.

Your series was always more like a collection of independent stand-alone stories around that “Mad Science Rubberwear” company. Which is a great setup for a community series. Anyone can add one of their ideas to it - hell, I might do that myself.

So just go for it, it can’t hurt. And you can always request that last chapter to be deleted if you think it would destroy the motivation to go on - for you or anyone else.

BTW, I don’t like kinky villains so much… :slight_smile:

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Ok, boys and girls. It’s open season.

If you’d care to add to the exploits of the Mad Science Rubberwear company, I’d be thrilled.

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I also loved this series and I’m sorry you got hung up on the ending. You could use the branching feature to create an alternate maybe? I’d love to help, but I can’t write to save my life. I hope you find new inspiration, because I really enjoyed this whole world you’ve created.