Congrats to the authors of the MAD SCIENCE story contest!

Congrats to the authors of the MAD SCIENCE story contest !

We’ve wrapped up another story challenge on the site, and a big congrats to the authors who helped make this contest such a blast! I know I definitely had some favorite stories in this round which, regardless of the popular vote, won my vote… We had a lot of great entries this time around. :blush: Let’s use this thread to share our enthusiasm for the stories we loved in this round—for both the Top 5, and the many other fantastic stories!

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Aw! Two of my favorite people won. I call that a result. Well done!


On my own note, I want to add that this was the closest Top Three that I think we have ever had. All featuring daddies… all with near-identical scores… going to neck-to-neck… making out…

(Sorry, got a little carried away there.)


Thaks for such an amazing prompt selection Nu-and-the-Nus. I’ve entered almost every competition but not always had a clear mind to where I wanted to go. This time, seeing where the results seemed to be tipping from the poll, I got inspired and started writing the first chapter before the result was anounced.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this competition and am delighted to make the runners up list for the first time. I feel each of these challenges has helped be become a better author and thanks to you all for your encouragement and engagement.

For any non-authors reading this, you constructive and encouraging comments keep us writing. Initially we might write because we’re getting off on the story. But to do the work of proof reading, plot development and continuing to write, it’s when we know you’re getting off on our stories too. Well, at least thats what works for me.

So keep rating and keep commenting and I’m so touched by how many people read our work.



My congratulations to all the authors who submitted their stories to this challenge. It’s also one of my most favorite challenges we ever had, and the number of entries also speaks for itself.

And of course congrats to the writers of the top 5 stories!

I just want to take this opportunity to applaud @Nu-and-the-Nus for his amazing work with the challenges. I love your announcements and especially this final message you wrote.

And on top of it all you now are really involved with the site.

Please all give a big round of applause and appreciation for what Nu is doing here, it’s outstanding, and I know for a fact, that our appreciation and love is the fuel that drives people like him!



Congratulations, Lusty—and I was excited to see that you made the Top 5, too! You’ve been a regular contributor to the contests, and it’s always been a delight to have your stories as part of the challenges. So it was really nice to see you make the Top 5 in this round (and this was a challenging round, too!!). :blush:

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Hello All.

Long time reader, first time author.

I’d like to start by seconding what Lusty_Stallion said about the stories beginning as something we get off to, but the work of writing, development, editing, and proofreading being at least somewhat motivated by others getting off on the stories. I’ve got to say, writing, and attempting to live up to the standard set by many of the authors in this community is intimidating, to say the least.

I think that beginning my writing for this site masked by the anonymity of the story competition was part of how I worked up the courage to put my work out there. And work is the right word for it. In many ways, turning some kinky ideas I had floating around in my head into a hopefully somewhat coherent story was a new experience. The process kind of takes a lot of the fun out of it.

And then the ratings and comments started, and I found that people were enjoying my kinky little ideas. That drew me onward, and allowed me to continue to pour out my ideas. Y’all have no clue how much I appreciate the warm reception.

Making it into the top five was a truly unexpected honor. I just hope that the fetish muse will continue to edge me into producing more stories for y’all to read and enjoy.

We’ll see.

Thanks for all the fish.

Perpetually Erect


Your whole post is really inspiring to read… I’m just really glad that you were able to work up the courage to put your work out there—there are a lot of readers who are very happy that you did!!

And congratulations again on making it into the Top 5 in this round. We’re very happy to have you in it! :blush: