Cooperative Writing?

I was wondering if there were other writers who’d be interested in doing a sort of back and forth with writing a story?

I remember reading stories on the O’melissokomos website and there would writers who collaborated together and created some awesome stories like Struck by Redkage and muscl4life. I know, personally, that my strong suits are exposition, details and grammar but I feel as though I lack in my ability to create sex scenes–it’s more of a slow burn up to that point and I feel like I jip some readers with my sex scenes being few and far in-between and not very involved.

On the same note, I have a bit of habit of copying stories and adding my own tweaks and improvements to them because there is a really good idea in the prose but the lack of grammar or details takes away from a good story–so the same concept of sharing and working cooperatively to write would be cool to try out, at least in my opinion.

This is just an idea I had, however. But, if this did happen I wonder if the site is advanced enough to count a story as two people’s and allow both of them to edit. Any light to share on that @Martin?

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This is an intriguing idea. I know I would certainly enjoy working collaboratively with other authors if we were on the same wavelength and interested in similar themes.

It can be fun to bounce around ideas with like-minded people.

That sounds a bit like the old way of using the wiki to write stories…

Actually, the current system Hugh implemented kinda allows that. You can set any name as an author of a story, so if it‘s a combined effort, just make sure the author name reflects that.

And you can also share the ‚edit link‘ among two or more people. Then everyone who has that link can make changes to the story.

Just click the edit icon, copy the browser URL and send it to the guys you want to work with (using email or a forum PM). That should work just fine!

Same is true for editors and other people you want to give ghe right to edit your story.

I enjoyed my one collaboration with Aardvark on “Big Men On Campus”, where we alternated writing chunks as we went along. We didn’t even go into it with an overall plan for where the story would go, just wrote what we wanted and waited to see where the other person took it in response. Luckily, we were totally in sync stylistically and thematically. It flowed so well that there are things in the story I’m not even sure whether he wrote or I did. If there hadn’t been that mutual respect and appreciation, I could see it becoming a nightmare.

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I’d quite like to have a go at this myself. I haven’t collaborated with anyone as such but have had some tips and edits with someone before (Miss Darcy’s Stable with Aardvark’s guidance.) My main issue at the moment is that real life has been a night mare for the past year and I just haven’t been able to continue writing anything. Would love to give this a go as it might help get my juices flowing again, so to speak

If anyone wants to have a go let me know. Have a glance through my stuff on here (All on Tattcub).and you’ll see what floats my boat.