Crossing the line?

Even though I have not yet written a story, I’ve got a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head. I mentioned on of them to a female friend of mine who is very into kink. It had to do with bodybuilders being put under hypnosis and being turned into gay sex slaves.

Her response was “that sounds like rape”. I recognize that this site is all about fantasy and that we wouldn’t really ever carry it out. However, if the fantasy is about turning straight men gay, is that rape then?

This issue has been discussed more than once.

Yes, forcing someone to have sex against his will is rape. Yes, stripping someone of his free will is a criminal offence.

But these are just stories, no real person is affected, it’s just fantasy. And the mind is free.

To accept and even embrace stories and games about mass murder (Call of Duty et all) on one hand and to look down on and even ban stories about sexual fantasies, which are completely unacceptable in real life is just hypocritical.

People are just very sensitive as soon as it’s about sex, but very accepting if talking about violence and death for some reason.


Very well said, Martin!

And that’s why I’ve never shared my MC fantasies IRL. Not everyone is prepared to see this with good eyes.