Curated Stories internal server error and maybe cut off too short

I was going through several curated stories lists on either desktop or mobile, and got to Naedre’s “Slutty men” curated stories list. If I click on it, I get the generic “There was an internal error!” message. Also, I kinda think that maybe this is something that is hiding other curated stories lists, since it seems as if the list isn’t as large as I’d expect. BUT ALSO, dangit I really want to know what’s in Naedre’s slutty men curated list, heh.

Clicking on any of the other curated stories lists doesn’t generate this error, by the way.

Thanks for telling me. I had strange errors in the log which I could never reproduce. Do you have any kind of filters active? Like categories, tag filter, the “Pure” site mode or the “subscription” filter?

Also could you please add the link to the list?

I do have filters active – the tag filter, specifically. However, other curated lists definitely have stories that would usually be filtered and aren’t (Edlam’s for example), and I don’t get the internal server error for them.

This is the one that’s erroring out for me:

I’ve already found the list and I can reproduce the issue. Again thanks for pointing it out! I’ll get on it as soon as I have the time.

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Any time!

The fix for the bug is uploading right now. Thanks again for telling me!


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