Dialogues in Spanish

Hi there!

There’s a little issue with the way the site displays dialogues in Spanish. While in English dialogues start with a quotation marks (") in Spanish they start with a dash (-). The problem is that when we write those dashes they are automatically transformed into bullet points ( )

For example,

What I write:

- Hola a todo el mundo.

What the program shows:

  • Hola a todo el mundo

Would it be possible to change it so that when we write a dash it is not transformed into a bullet?

Thank you so much! :blush:

That’s just how markdown works, and I can’t really change that.

One option would be to prepend the dash with a space or to use an alternative chatacter instead of the dash. There are several characters which look like a dash, like the longer dash.

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I see!

We should actually be using the long dash :stuck_out_tongue: but the tendency is to use the normal dash since it’s already in the keyboard.

I’ll use the long dash from now on, and I hope others writing in Spanish do so as well. The bullet marks hurt my eyes.

Thank you Martin!

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