Dick Shrinkage and Humiliation

Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’m always looking for new and more stories about dick shrinkage and humiliation. You have any ideas where I can find some? any recommandations? Or any writers have some mean shrinkage stories planned? x

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Did you do a tag search (on ‘cock shrink’) for this? :wink:

For your convenience, just click on this:


This scene in the beginning of a longer, unfinished story of mine might fit the bill: http://phantompassenger.tumblr.com/post/169685862625/whos-the-boss

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I did one that’s posted on the free site, fictionmania.tv. You can use their search function to find it. Just enter the title, THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MANHOOD. It’s a wife taking control of her husband, not a gay theme. If you read and like it, feel free to leave a review there. ENJOY.

I have created a new website to list gay cock shrinking stories at emptyundies.com. If you have any stories you want to see listed, please let me know. I will keep the list updated regularly as I receive new links. The contact information is listed on the blog. You can also visit my main blog, wiptopping.com, if you haven’t already - I write a lot of cock shrinking stories.

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Always have loved your Dick Shrinking stories.

anyone up for a dick shrinking RP on skype? itstimeforsomefun is my name

I wrote a fairly lengthy story on this topic recently. You can find it here:

I wouldn’t mind writing more stories similar to this, since small cocks and cock shrinking are also major turn ons for me. But I know they can be turn offs for a lot more people, so any story I write with them would probably take a hit in terms of ratings. If I think of another scenario that would be especially sexy, I’ll be sure to post about it here.


My story “Retainer” has humiliation and you may find some shrinkage in future yet to be released chapters. I would love to hear what you think. https://www.gayspiralstories.com/newStory/show/1405528


Anyone has found any new Dick Shrinking/humiliation story?
I have the feeling so many people love it, but not many people write it :frowning:
I wrote some in german, because my english writing skills arent very good.
If there’s someone motivated and good in borh languages, he can translate them.

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I agree Kleinaberfine. Small dicks on big dudes is a huge turn on for me - whether shrinkage or humiliation based on what nature gave them! There are a few stories where a hung jock gets his dick shrunk and then his muscles stolen too - I always wish they’d stop at the cock shrinking and let the poor dumb hunk live his life with an embarrassing secret… :wink:


Yeah excactly! I love a detailed humiliating shrinking process and then lots of embarassing situations for him in public/with sex partners.


Hello again. I have another cock shrinking story, this one on Gay Spiral Stories. It’s titled COCKSURE and involves an arrogant guy who starts out very well equipped, until two magic users intervene.

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Dick shrink is one of my kinks as well, particularly on big guys. While it’s not a full on cock shrink story, people who are into small penises might enjoy my Muscle Cow stories; the main character is a bodybuilder with a naturally small penis. Making a Muscle Cow - Gay Kinky Stories

@amul I love dick shrinking and small dick humiliation stories! They are my particular kink, as well. As someone who has a micropenis and craves humiliation, I always enjoy stories with those elements. Have you read anything by The Portly Gentleman?

Are any of you fans of dick shrinking or small dick humiliation stories “unhung” yourselves?

Totally average, I’m afraid. Shame because I really like small cocks but am (of course) endlessly fascinated by the monster ones. Average ones are, well they’re fine but they are just so much more commonplace.

@amul average isn’t bad…but you’d like my little one. I’m 3.75" hard.

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I’m not sure I would actually want a smaller dick, but I watched this one VR porn video where the bottom seemed decently small (at least noticably smaller than me), and also generally much more twinky/thin than me, and it was reallllllly hot to watch getting fucked from his POV and fantasize it was me.

Pretty sure this was the video: Sensual Bath - VirtualRealGay.com

Also a fantastic muscle tit video.

Casual aside, VR porn on the quest can be pretty damn good sometimes.

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I just hate not seeing my own dick… And if I need to reach for anything, it’s always a challenge.

VR sex is a lot room to improve. Tactile and feedback mostly. But I’m sure it’s getting there.

I recently joined the VR Hot Discord channel. They’ve quite gay open and I wonder where this will be developing to.