Discussion for the plot, characters, and setting of Knightly Duties and Hunt. Kill. Breed

Thank you for following the story right until the end! Since the total image usage is limited and I want to preserve the space (and the story is already over 10k), I decided to leave it out here.

However, I just found out that I could just put a link for an image to an outer source (ie. here). While, the epilogue I plan will likely not feature the beastmen physically, I suppose that I could implement their images and brief description as depictions in a book or something.

The other beastmen have black fur and blue eyes (and a very large cock), obviously. With the Bull being the largest, and the bear being somewhat grizzled.

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nice, looking forewards to the epilogue, and maybe the images of the other three kings, if that is not possible, can you send me links for the images via PM? if that is not asking to much

I’ll upload it here when the epilogue comes out, I think. I can link the images to the story this way.

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I thnik you can, Ciriii does it in his sotires, you may ask him how he does it

Yeah! I kinda saw how others did it here too.

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I hope you find out how to do it

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just read the epilogue, it was very fun, and it rises a lot of moral questions, like the why they had to fake Colin’s death, I hope it is brought up in the confortation as it could shake the demon’s revange motif

Thank you, I hope that you will follow Knightly Duties next. It’s really fun bringing the two series together. Hope you like the pictures!

I’m following it, don’t worry, and I did like the pictures

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