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in hunt. kill, bread, just the wolf family have can become beastmen or the other houses can do it as well? and the eagle family will be important to the story?

Thank you so much for your interest in the series!

The transformation into “beastmen” is not something the men are capable or aware of on their, at least for ‘this generation’. The things that happened to the Wolves is an anomaly, and whether other ducal houses would share their fate remains a spoiler for now.

The three dukes introduced in Preparation do fit rather nicely into the stereotypes of manly men though ; being a large grizzled old man (bear), a brash young man (lion) , and a middle-aged daddy (bull), wouldn’t they look nice becoming the animals they represent? Either way, the Primal Beast is ‘The True Father of Men’ whose affinity with men of the West would be explored in the next chapter.

Gil is a part of the Eagle House, and is presumably the last surviving member. Considering the Westerners do have a beef with the Eagles, Gil’s life hasn’t been (relatively only, he still lives better than most commoners) easy. So Gil (and Ruby, to an extent) is representing the Eagles in this story, their fate us still very much up in tge air. The exact details of the connection between the Eagles and the Primal Beast still remains a mystery, especially since very few not directly under his influence do recognize the sinister godly being.

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I see, thank you for the anwser, and yes it would be nice to see the other lords also beocoming beastmen representing their respective houses, but it is up to tou, as for gil, as he is also of the eagle house, maybe eventually make him into a wolf/eagle hybrid would be ver cool, that this is just my two cents, the story is yours and you do what you want, and I’m digging the story now, part 1 was a bit me to me, but part 2 hooked me up, keep with the good work and thanks for sharing the story with us

Thank you for the kind words! A wolf/eagle chimera would be like a gryphon, but with the wolf replacing the lion part, wouldn’t it?

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works for me

I hope the rest of the nobles are converted into antrho versions of their houses symblos too, that seems like a good ending

For us, perhaps. For the (heroes) in the story, maybe not so much… If Gil does fall, they will all inevitably be turned anyway.

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I hope he doesn’t fall, I like him

I’m glad that you like Gil! He is so protagonisty with all the fun angst that makes (me) want to sympathize and root for him to be happy.

Didn’t you want to see him beco.e a wolf-eagle hybrid, though?

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I do, let me rephrase what I ment I want him turned and the rest of the nobles changed, I understood that him falling would mean he dying

Oh, in that case, if Gil does get corrupted, he will be having a fun and intense time fucking and getting fucked by the anthro nobles, then.

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yeah, that is wht I hope to see

Let’s see…

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agreed, it is your story, after all

Thank you again for the comment! While I kinda have things planned already, I like to implement hot ideas from my commentators into the story.

nice, best of luck with both projects

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now that I finished reading dilemma, may I ask you something? you are not obligated to put it in, but I got curious on the beastmen forms fot the other three kings, so can you include them on the epilogue?, again, you are not obligated to do it, I just got curious