Do you "promote" your own stories or series?

Do you use any social network or other resources to “promote” your strories or new chapters?

Personally, I maintain an old-fashioned mailing list and send out notifications that way whenever I send out a new story or chapter. I’ve considered using a social network before, but it’s just not me.

I used to use Tumblr. I have a list of people to mail too, when I write something new. Which hasn’t been for many years now.

Are you talking about promotion in the sense of letting people know, or promotion to get new readers and or sell them your work?

I’m a promotion whore – I’m the first to admit it. Sometimes, I feel I’m relentless – on the other hand, I’ve sold a lot of books.

My motto is “If I don’t promote me, who will?”

As my writing is just for fun, I don’t sell my stuff, but as an author… I’m interested to get more readers :wink:

Your best way to get new readers is probably to post more stories more often to gay kinky and any other relevant niche sites.

A side effect of this is that it’s probably smarter to break large stories up in smaller chapters and post them over time. If you want to be really clever, write in a way that reading the rest aren’t important for each chapter and post them as separate stories that are connected, so that new readers won’t see part 2 and skip it because they didn’t read part 1.

Also, try to engage your readers. Ask for comments and respond to them. That will keep your story at the top of the most recent comment section of most sites and therefore it will get more eyes on it.

If you really want you can sponsor the gay kinky site and get your stories pinned to the top for a period.

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