Does Elan Musk still use this site?

One of his stories have given me the urge to write a spiritual sequel to it, and I wanted to get his permission first.

If you ask such a question, I would address him directly, either by PM, or at least using a “mention” (with the @ character), like this: @Elan_Musk

That way he’ll get an email that you addressed him.

I’ve just checked, and he’s logged in today already.

UHHH Data Privacy… :innocent:

You’re German. In case I didn’t know that before, I can be assured now :wink:

I’m not only german. I was called “Datenschutzbeauftragter” some time ago…


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Lol. These are my very best friends :wink:

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Some day my months of writers block will end lol. But until then, I am always here as a voracious reader.


Excellent use of the word voracious